Feedback meetings

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The Strategic Planning Steering Committee sought input on the vision for UW Tacoma. Faculty, staff, students, alumni and community members were asked to participate in one of the meetings listed below or complete the online survey (the survey closed as of 1/25/2016).

10/9/2015 Division of Politics, Philosophy and Public Affairs (School of IAS)
10/9/2015 Division of Social, Behavioral, and Human Sciences (School of IAS)
10/12/2015 Chancellor's Town Hall
10/15/2015 UW Tacoma Advisory Board
10/16/2015 Executive Council of Faculty Assembly
10/16/2015 Division of Social and Historical Studies (School of IAS)
10/16/2015 Strategic Planning Steering Committee
10/21/2015 TUNIV 101 Class
10/21/2015 Division of Sciences and Mathematics (School of IAS)
10/30/2015 Milgard School of Business Faculty Meeting
11/2/2015 Open Staff Forum
11/3/2015 Institute of Technology
11/3/2015 Education Faculty Meeting
11/4/2015 Institute of Technology
11/4/2015 Open Staff Forum
11/4/2015 Finance & Admin Directors
11/4/2015 Campus Planning & Real Estate and Facilities Services
11/5/2015 Institute of Technology
11/5/2015 Student tabling
11/6/2015 Division of Culture, Arts, and Communication (School of IAS)
11/6/2015 Open Staff Forum
11/6/2015 Social Work
11/9/2015 Campus Planning & Real Estate and Facilities Services
11/9/2015 Open Staff Forum
11/9/2015 Student tabling
11/10/2015 Nursing Faculty Meeting
11/10/2015 Student tabling
11/10/2015 Capital Campaign Committee
11/11/2015 1:1 interview with community member
11/12/2015 Facilities Staff
11/12/2015 Student tabling
11/13/2015 Faculty and Staff of Color
11/13/2015 Urban Studies Faculty Meeting
11/13/2015 Institute of Technology Advisory Board
11/16/2015 Peace Community Center
11/16/2015 1:1 interview with community member
11/17/2015 Advising Staff
11/17/2015 Safety and Security
11/17/2015 Student and Enrollment Services
11/19/2015 Center for Urban Waters
11/19/2015 Executive Council for a Greater Tacoma
11/19/2015 IGE/Global Honors Students
11/19/2015 IGE/Global Honors staff/faculty
11/23/2015 I Corps at JBLM
11/23/2015 JBLM Installation
11/23/2015 Local Developers
11/24/2015 Institute for Global Engagement Advisory Board
12/4/2015 Black Collective
12/7/2015 Campus Advisory Board: IAS
12/11/2015 UW Provost, Vice Provosts, and staff
12/14/2015 First 5 Fundamentals (early learning Pierce county coalition)
12/16/2015 Museum Partners
12/16/2015 Boys and Girls Clubs of South Puget Sound
12/16/2015 Graduate Tacoma
1/4/2016 Maritime Federation
1/7/2016 College Presidents
1/8/2016 Legislative Delegation of Pierce County
1/12/2016 Arts and Culture Consortium
1/12/2016 Tacoma City Council
1/15/2016 Milgard Business School Advisory Board
1/19/2016 1:1 Interview with Tacoma HR Director
1/20/2016 BEST--Tribal Leaders
1/21/2016 City of Tacoma Directors
1/29/2016 ASUWT
2/3/2015 Russell Family Foundation