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  • Cheryl Greengrove
    Associate Vice Chancellor for Reseach and Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences
  • Stephen Norman
    Associate Dean and Associate Professor, Milgard School of Business

We champion publicly engaged scholarship.

Discovery is at the heart of the university. We value and support a range of scholarly and creative activity broadly defined: Discovery, integration, application, and teaching and learning. Our focus on engaged scholarship bridges the gap between theory and practice. Involving students in the scholarship of the institution enriches their experience and gives our work relevance beyond our disciplines. Publicly engaged scholarship builds on mutually beneficial partnerships and creates positive impacts beyond the campus and academy, connecting the South Sound with the world at large.

We’ll know we’re making progress as we …

A. Increase the number of faculty, students and staff involved in publicly engaged scholarship.

B. Increase the visibility of scholarship and creative activities across the campus and in the community.

C. Increase faculty satisfaction with the support and infrastructure for all types of scholarship, including global/international.

D. Continuously improve the infrastructure that connects faculty, community members, students and staff as scholarly partners.

E. Increase the number, breadth and activity of interdisciplinary, collaborative scholarly centers that address problems of our time and place.

F. Increase the number of students participating in research, scholarship and creative activity, including producing publications, public presentations and creative works.

G. Assess and increase our research, scholarly and creative impact using an evidence-based indicator of publicly engaged scholarship.