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  • Ali Modarres
    Dean and Professor, Urban Studies and Assistant Chancellor for Community Engagement
  • Rita Than
    Assistant Teaching Professor, Science and Mathematics

Our community partnerships are transformational and synergistic.

UW Tacoma was born of an engaged community, which informs our orientation today. The most successful UW Tacoma-community partnerships are transformational and result in each partner achieving more together than they can alone. Partnerships flourish when they are supported with infrastructure including organizational processes, communication channels, staffing and funding.

We’ll know we’re making progress as we …

A. Increase community members’ awareness of how to engage UW Tacoma.

B. Increase the satisfaction of faculty, staff, students and community partners with the structures and resources supporting mutually beneficial engagement.

C. Increase the application and assessment of best practices by students, faculty and staff in community engagement.

D. Increase the number of community partnerships, including those that connect global and local communities.

E. Increase community members’ recognition of UW Tacoma as a valued thought leader and convener that addresses the problems of our time and place.

F. Increase the number of students graduating with high-impact community engagement and leadership experience such as internships.

G. Increase alumni engagement in community service and leadership.