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  • James McShay
    Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion
  • Marian Harris                          Professor, School of Social Work and Criminal Justice

We are grounded in social justice and embrace the assets of our diverse communities.

UW Tacoma prides itself on the diversity of our students, and the enriching campus life and learning such diversity brings. Yet our staff and faculty ranks do not reflect a comparable composition. Systematically assessing the experiences of students, faculty and staff will allow us to take evidence-based actions to support their retention and success. Embracing the changing demographics of higher education will help us move closer to fulfilling the promise of our vision and values. As we do so, we will become an engaged, civil and just university.

We’ll know we’re making progress as we …

A. Improve the satisfaction of traditionally underrepresented students, especially racial/ethnic minority students, with the UW Tacoma experience.

B. Increase the number and percentage of traditionally underrepresented racial/ethnic minority faculty members and staff by rank or position, and achieve equity in relation to promotions, compensation and workload.

C. Better systematize and regularize the reporting of data incorporating the intersectionality of students, faculty and staff identities to inform our decision making and benchmark our achievements.

D. Reduce disparities in achievement, experience and opportunity across diverse groups of faculty, staff and students.

E. Increase the percentage of faculty and staff with demonstrated expertise and experience in multicultural competency, inclusive pedagogy and culturally responsive curriculum design.

F. Increase opportunities for students to understand and embrace the assets of our diverse communities through local and global learning and engagement experiences.