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  • Ashley Walker                          Academic Advisor for Educational Leadership, School of Education
  • Diana Lopez                          Administrative Specialist, Advancement

Our campus is respectful, productive and inclusive.

Quality relationships are the foundation of a great workplace. Employees benefit from infrastructure that keeps them informed, makes their work more efficient and highlights their accomplishments. UW Tacoma aspires to be an employer of choice by cultivating trust, care and mutual accountability. These require investments in effective communication, shared governance and administrative processes.

We’ll know we’re making progress as we …

A. Align promotion and evaluation criteria to reflect UW Tacoma’s mission.

B. Increase confidence among students, faculty and staff that UW Tacoma cares about and is responsive to the concerns of occupational and demographic groups.

C. Improve the UW Tacoma work experience to meet the criteria of a great place to work or other recognized benchmarks.

D. Foster an ethic of continuous learning and professional growth for both faculty and staff.

E. Improve satisfaction of faculty, staff and students with the clarity and efficiency of our processes and procedures.

F. Improve satisfaction of faculty, staff and students with the quality of relationships on campus, characterized by respect, civility, courtesy and a conflict-positive orientation.

G. Improve internal communication mechanisms that increase awareness and connection among faculty, staff and students.