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  • Ben Mauk
    Associate Director, Campus Planning and Retail Operations
  • 2nd Co-champion, position open

Our innovation drives our growth, energizing us and our region.

To thrive, the university must grow. Yet growth alone is not the goal. Our growth is a measure of the relevance of our work to the future of the South Sound and the exciting promise we offer to potential students. Our growth means we are fulfilling our mission as an urban-serving university in ways that are ever more varied and valued.

We’ll know we’re making progress as we …

A. Grow our campus, programs and learning pathways to support anticipated opportunities and respond to community needs.

B. Increase the regional economic activity attributable to UW Tacoma.

C. Improve and expand facilities, technology and resources as the campus grows.

D. Increase the satisfaction among students with student life infrastructure, such as options for parking, dining, housing and recreation.

E. Increase retention rates of currently enrolled students toward timely graduation.

F. Continue implementation of best practices in environmental sustainability as we grow.