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Throughout the five years of Charting Our Course, the Chancellor will commit a portion of the university’s general operating budget to invest in initiatives that advance one or more of the plan’s Impact Goals. This Strategic Initiative Fund (SIF) will invest in innovations, collaborations and efficiencies that help achieve Charting Our Course’s Impact Goals and that demonstrate progress on the plan’s success indicators.

The Strategic Plan Coordinating Committee (SPCC) coordinates the SIF proposal process, reviews proposals and makes funding recommendations to the Executive Budget Committee. When considering which initiatives it will recommend for funding the, SPCC will prioritize the following:

  • Proposals that support students and student success most directly,
  • Proposals with the most impact on one or more Impact Goals,
  • Proposals that effectively collaborate with internal or external partners, and
  • Proposals that have the most opportunity for lasting impact on our campus and community
  • Proposals that respond to UWT's recovery from the Coronavirus Pandemic
  • Proposals that combat racial injustice and promote antiracism on campus

In addition, when reviewing proposals, the SPCC aims to create balance across campus units and Impact Goals to the degree possible.

Strategic Initiative Funding - Round 4.1

Additional funding round for 2021

Since there is funding remaining for this round that wasn't allocated in the autumn 2020 cycle, the Strategic Plan Coordinating Committee is encouraging submissions for funding to be spent by December 2021. For this round of Strategic Initiative Funding, we are again encouraging project submissions that are in alignment with one or more of the 6 Impact Goals of the Strategic Plan. There is a cap of $10,000 per project, and projects should be completed by December 31, 2021.

Projects will be rated and selected by the Strategic Plan Coordinating Committee based upon the six criteria listed above. 

  • Deadline for applications is 5:00 p.m. on February 26, 2021
  • $45,000 in funding is available for SIF 4.1 projects
  • Award amounts will be up to $10,000
  • Minimum request amount is $2,500
  • No course releases
  • Budgeted salaries must include benefits
  • These are State funds, and must follow ALL UW spending policies and procedures
  • Proposals from currently funded SIF initiatives will be accepted, however, they must build upon and extend the current project and work toward sustainability.
  • Timeline for SIF 4.1
February 1 Announcement
As needed (Zoom)* Information Sessions
February 26 Submission Deadline
March 1-16 Committee Review
March 18 Notification of Awards
March 22 Project Start Date
December 31 Project End Date
January 31 Final Reports Due

* Contact Joe Lawless to set up a Zoom call to answer questions (


If you need help filling out your application or budget, or have questions, please contact Joe Lawless, 253-692-5685 or

Strategic Initiative Funding - Round 1 Funded Projects

  • Arts Building Community
  • Collaborative Community Engaged Scholarship
  • Constructive Engagement Dialog Series
  • Designing Institutional Support for Community Engaged Work
  • Street Law and Urban Debate
  • New Student Collaborative Experience & Data for Building a Learning Commons
  • Prospective Student Dreams: Designing Rich Experiences Around Majors
  • Office of Student Advocacy and Support
  • Transforming Global Learning Opportunities at UW Tacoma

Strategic Initiative Funding - Round 2 Funded Projects

  • Tacoma South Sound Mini Maker Faire
  • We Are UW Tacoma
  • Building Infrastructure for Open Educational Resources
  • Youth Engagement and Safety Training
  • UW Tacoma Podcast
  • Unlocking UW Tacoma Scholarly Work
  • Husky Post-Prison Pipeline Summit & Collaborative Planning
  • Mathematics Festival
  • Staff Professional Development Scholarships
  • Student Employee Appreciation Week

Strategic Initiative Funding - Round 3 Funded Projects

  • Formerly Incarcerated Student Leadership Institute
  • Student Employee Recognition Week
  • Staff Professional Development Scholarships
  • Mathematics Festival
  • UW Tacoma Leading for Equity & Diversity
  • Title IX Education & Response Program/Bystander Intervention Training
  • Collaborative Public Engaged Scholarship
  • Hands in Pan Videos to support The Pantry
  • Sustaining Momentum for Open Educational Resources 
  • Giving Garden Greenhouse

Strategic Initiative Funding - Round 4 Funded Projects

  • Staff Professional Development Scholarships
  • South Sound Latinx Leadership Celebration and Awards
  • Student Employee Recognition
  • Building a Culture of Open Educational Resources
  • Educating Myself for Better Racial Awareness & Cultural Enrichment (EMBRACE)
  • Designing Language Access Design Spring
  • Caring for Caregivers Online (COCO)

Strategic Initiative Funding - Round 4.1 Funded Projects

  • Children's Anti-Racist Little Free Library
  • Huskies Track Back Pilot Program
  • LEAD Institute Visiting Scholars
  • Scientists in Training - Supporting BIPOC Student Research
  • Social Justice & Equity Scholarship Series
  • Students on Committees