Student Affairs Staff Spotlight: December 2020

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Each month, Student Affairs recognizes one of its outstanding staff members for their hard work, dedication, and passion for serving the UW Tacoma community.

Katherine Felts

Unit: Career Development and Education

Hobby: Eating breakfast foods, coloring, nap time, buying notebooks I don’t need, buying ‘new’ pens that are exactly the same as other pens I already have, and very rarely – writing. Ya know, just a lot of really social and adventurous stuff.

Favorite Place on UW Tacoma campus and Why: My favorite spot is the Garretson Woodruff Pratt building. The majority of my classes were in that building, and it’s where many of my workshops occur(ed) now that I’m a staff member. There are always students hanging out there, and always some cause, event, or student org to learn about. My second fav would be the 4th floor of Tioga – when I worked on the 3rd floor I would often walk up there to stretch my legs and look at the city, and the mountain.

Nominated by: Dawn Williams, Assistant Director of Career Development & Education


I am nominating Katherine Felts for the Student Affairs Spotlight this month. Katherine is such a hard worker and contributes so much to Career Development & Education, and Student Transitions & Success as a whole, but does so in such an understated way that it can sometimes escape notice. That is why I am nominating her for the Spotlight; she deserves to be noticed!

Every day through her work with both the student staff she supervises and the students she serves through 1:1 appointments and email interactions, she exemplifies the Student Affairs Vision Statement to “ . . . empower students to envision their most rewarding future and supports them . . . to make their vision a reality”.  This quarter she oversaw the pilot round of Small Group Coaching Sessions where we partnered with academic and student affairs departments across campus to help meet students where they are at in order to engage in meaningful career-related discussions. This was on top of all of her regular responsibilities and she did an amazing job!

Her work ethic and care for all students really show and she embodies all of the core values that we each strive to uphold: Accountability, Empowerment, Grit, Inclusivity, Service, and Student-Centeredness. 

November 28, 2020
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Chanda Chen,