Student Affairs Staff Spotlight: November 2020

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Each month, Student Affairs recognizes one of its outstanding staff members for their hard work, dedication, and passion for serving the UW Tacoma community.

Lindsey Clark

Unit: Office of the Registrar

Hobby: Most recently my family and I have taken up hiking. We try to find a new trail to explore each weekend, rain or shine! It gets us out of the house and active.  In addition to nature, the trails will often have scavenger hunts, story boards and work out equipment along the way.

Favorite Place on UW Tacoma campus and Why: I would have to say the Bookstore.  I love to grab a cup of coffee from Starbucks, relax and browse the books during my break.  The children’s section usually does not have a lot of traffic and is pretty quiet. As a bonus, I can easily stop by Starbucks again for the free refill before heading back to the office. :)

Nominated by: Andrea Coker-Anderson, Registrar


Lindsey Clark's many contributions to the success of the Registrar's office are worthy of the Student Affairs Spotlight recognition.  Lindsey has been in the role of Assistant Registrar for just a year but at UW Tacoma for 8 years and UW Seattle for 7 years and continues to grow as a leader. She is a natural fit for this Assistant Registrar role, bringing along many of the duties from her previous Graduation Advisor position.  Her years of experience and understanding of UW policy are all a benefit to our collaborative campus relationships.  She has only continued to be hard-working, knowledgeable, positive, and skillful; showing great success in her own quiet way!

Lindsey has shown amazing growth and productivity in this time of significant policy change and remote work.  She has taken over the duties as our campus residency officer, meeting with students and their families and listening to their cases while interpreting and applying the WA state law on behalf of UW.  She has been fair, she listens well, and she prepares herself by researching on her own to make sure to do her best and give students every consideration knowing the importance of residency.  Her work exudes our Student Affairs Mission to “… champion holistic learning and success for UW Tacoma students.  We remove barriers for students, engage them as partners to create an inclusive community and equip them for lives and careers that have meaning and impact.”

Additionally, in this current climate of working from home, Lindsey has had the challenge (as many of our colleagues) of mixing her work-life balance by being a parent, a teacher, and an Assistant Registrar all in the same environment.  Lindsey’s role as Assistant Registrar requires focused attention to reviewing petitions and residency documents, entering graduation applications, posting degrees, running reports so Lindsey begins her day for UWT often around 4 am to focus on her work prior to her children waking up.  She then steps into the role of parent/teacher in the late morning and gets back to her role for UWT in the afternoons/evenings to finish her day.

Lindsey has also been involved in significant university change.  In mid-October, UW (as a tri-campus effort) launched a new policy change and online tools for “current quarter drop, former quarter drop and tuition forfeiture.”  Lindsey was an integral part of this change and applied many tools that she uses to maintain graduation records to improve upon the system created for all three campuses and the Continuum College.  With her knowledge and skills, UW Tacoma (which was Lindsey’s actions) received shout outs from the Seattle campus for their work and resources related to this new policy change and associated online tools.  Lindsey takes on challenging projects, often tri-campus, where she always shares her expertise with others to create efficiencies in our work. Lindsey Clark really is deserving of the Student Affairs Spotlight; she consistently shows productivity, patience, grace, and positivity even in the most challenging of times!  She is a skilled hard-workng professional who has gone above and beyond the Student Affairs mission of supporting UW Tacoma students to supporting all UW students with her work!

October 27, 2020
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Chanda Chen,