Student Affairs Staff Spotlight: September 2020

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Each month, Student Affairs recognizes one of its outstanding staff members for their hard work, dedication, and passion for serving the UW Tacoma community.

Kate Sander

Unit: Admissions Operations

Hobby: Oh tough to choose! Gardening, reading but mostly spending time at home with my Husband and hanging out with Family. 

Favorite Place on UW Tacoma campus and Why: On sunny days, whatever bench is open so I can sit and read during my lunch.  Our campus is so beautiful and I thoroughly enjoy being able to have a little me time during the work day in such a lovely space.

Nominated by: Myria Stevens

Nomination: Kate processes one of the highest volumes of files while having extremely low error rates!  She naturally has an eye for detail!  I think in the last 7 years, she has personally only had 4 errors in total which is unheard of!  And, she can retain information like no other!  Kate is always very professional, responds very quickly, is very thorough, and is such a sweet, kind person!  Kate really is my eyes and ears in the unit, if I need to consider something new that is evolving, she will bring it to me!  She exudes the mission of Student Affairs, and she has helped "remove barriers for students, engaged with them as partners to create an inclusive campus community and equipped them for lives and careers that have meaning and impact." 

August 25, 2020
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Chanda Chen,