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UW Tacoma Student Affairs is dedicated to MOVING STUDENTS FORWARD. From students' experiences considering and applying to UW Tacoma, to their time growing academically and professionally at UW Tacoma, to their transitions into their dream jobs, the Division of Student Affairs at UW Tacoma exists to support our many and diverse students along their journey and ensure they are prepared for a successful and fulfilling career.

The concept of MOVING FORWARD was developed from our division’s expertise and ability to assist students as they move forward along their journey at UW Tacoma. It also speaks to our desire to grow our students and staff as professionals and people.

Our Roadmap on Moving Forward

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Autumn 2018

Our journey as a division under the leadership of our Vice Chancellor, Mentha Hynes-Wilson, began with laying foundational work in the autumn 2018 implementing a Strategic Sprint to lay out our new mission, vision, and values as a division.

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Spring 2019

"A Whole New Student Affairs" began to emerge as a road map of where we are going.

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Summer 2019

The official renaming of the division to "Student Affairs" occurred. This change in name more accurately reflects the growth of the division, as well as better aligns with national practices and standards. Office and position realignments also occurred at this time to best position the division for the continued growth and future of UW Tacoma.

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Autumn 2019

The new mission, vision, values, and six Student Affairs actionable goals were launched at the Student Affairs Retreat.

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Spring 2020

Student Affairs is rebranding to MOVING FORWARD, which compliments the UW Boundless brand. Student Affairs continues moving forward! Student Affairs is one team, one staff. Together, we can achieve more and do it stronger. Having a consistent look, that compliments the UW brand, will make us more effective and recognizable in our work.

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Summer 2020

The Division of Student Affairs stepped forward with numerous innovations in response to the COVID-19 environment, ranging from the administration of emergency aid and Husky Card distribution, to curbside orientations and high touch virtual support across many of our areas. Even in this new environment, Student Affairs maintained course on creating ways to engage, support, and welcome our students.

Student Affairs also launched two new employee recognition programs. The Student Affairs Spotlight was created to recognize one of our amazing staff members each month for their hard work, dedication, and passion for serving students and the UW Tacoma community. The Team Spirit Award is a quarterly recognition that goes to any team in the division that exemplifies the Division’s values and goals in their work to support students. The Team Spirit Award comes with a visit from our new Student Affairs Mascot, Harlie, a larger than life (literally) plush Husky.

Moving Staff Forward

UW Tacoma Student Affairs is also dedicated to MOVING STAFF FORWARD. We are constantly moving and constantly going forward, making numerous advancements in our work in order to better support students and each other. We are flexible, responsive, and ever inventive to move forward with the always changing times, circumstances, and environment that surrounds us.