Vision, Mission & Core Values

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The Division of Student Affairs is guided by the following mission, vision and core values.


Student Affairs empowers students to envision their most rewarding future and supports them to engage the resources of UW Tacoma and the South Sound to make their vision a reality.


Student Affairs champions holistic learning and success for UW Tacoma students. We remove barriers for students, engage them as partners to create an inclusive campus community and equip them for lives and careers that have meaning and impact.

Core Values

Accountability: We do what we say we will do and accept responsibility for the quality of our work.

Empowerment: We provide students and colleagues with the best tools and guidance we can, so they can be successful and make knowledgeable decisions.

Equity: We use our voices and decisions to create processes, policies and systems that are just, impartial and fair.

Grit: We acknowledge that people and communities can experience hardship, failures and setbacks. We empower our students and one another to see shortfalls as feedback and opportunities for learning and improvement.

Inclusivity: We collaborate with students, colleagues and partners through processes that empower participants and create a true sense of belonging.

Service: We engage others in an open, friendly and responsive way that conveys we are willing to listen and understand each individual’s situation. We respond appropriately and in a timely and professional manner.

Student-Centeredness: We clear the way for students to have a voice in shaping their UW Tacoma experience and ensure that students’ experiences are considered in every conversation and decision of which our team is a part.