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You must meet all of the following conditions to qualify:
  • Be currently enrolled at UW Tacoma.
  • Complete an application, background check ($25 fee) and an intake appointment with Shared Housing Services.
  • While participating in the H2H program, you must maintain your enrolled student status and regularly check-in/follow-up  with the Office of Student Advocacy and Support.



Step 1: Complete an online application. Please put  “UW Tacoma.”  under the section that asks “How did you hear about Shared Housing Services?”

Step 2: Complete the criminal background check. Background checks are completed at Shared Housing Services’ offices and must be done within 30 days of submitting the application.

Step 3: Shared Housing Services will conduct an intake on all Home Providers/Home Seekers to determine needs, requirements and compatibility of lifestyles to begin the home share referral  process.

Step 4: When a referral is made, the Provider and Seeker begin a dialogue to get to know  each other.

Step 5: If a home share match is made, the Provider and Seeker negotiate their living arrangements and document the negotiated arrangements on a Homeshare Agreement  form (provided by Shared Housing Services).




How long does it take?

The application process including the application, background check, and intake takes a minimum of seven days. Referrals for potential home share matches are criteria-based, and is dependent on the needs of both the Home Provider and the Home Seeker as well as the availability of homes with open rooms.

If immediate housing is needed, please contact the Office of Student Advocacy and Support for resources for emergency/ transitional housing in the area.

Is Homesharing safe?

For over 27 years, Shared Housing Services’ Adult Homesharing program has been providing safe, comfortable, and beneficial home share situations throughout Pierce County. Conducting multi-state criminal background checks and one-on-one, in-person interviews allow for proper vetting and referring of potential home sharers and is much safer than answering a listing online or an ad in the newspaper.

If I am an international student, can I still apply?

Yes, all enrolled UW Tacoma students are eligible to apply.

Who determines the rent?

All arrangements, financial and/or rendered services are negotiated between the Home Provider and the Home Seeker based on the individual needs of each party.

What if I experience a problem while sharing a home?

If you experience a conflict with the person you are home sharing with, contact the Office of Student Advocacy and Support staff at UW Tacoma or the staff at Shared Housing services for guidance and possible conflict resolution.

As a Home Seeker can other family members move in with me?

Most Home Providers only have one room in their home that they are looking to rent out in exchange for services and/or rent. Occasionally, a Home Provider will be open to having two people home share in a room such as spouses, partners, or a single parent and child, but this is the exception and is decided by the Home Provider. Since the Homesharing program is criteria based, applying as two people may pose a barrier that could lengthen, or prevent a referral for home sharing. Those looking for family housing are encouraged to contact Shared Housing Services or other housing organizations directly.

Can Home Providers have a spouse, partner, other roommates or other family members living in the home?

Yes, but each person that lives in the home will need to complete a separate background check form before referrals can be made.

What if the referral for a home share situation seems like it WON’T be a good fit?

The referral is just an introduction for a home share situation based off submitted criteria to be mutually beneficial to both sides. If a Provider/Seeker does not feel safe or comfortable   with the each other, they can ask to receive another referral.   If another referral is not available at that time, you will be placed on the active list to wait for a new referral when one becomes available.


For additional questions about the Husk2Husky Homsesharing program and/or homesharing in general please contact:

Student Advocacy & Support  |  stusuppt@uw.edu  

Shared Housing Services  | shstacomapc@harbornet.com