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First Gen Fellows partnered with the UW Resiliency Lab to bring their Fail Forward campaign onto the UW Tacoma campus as failure is essential to life and learning. First Gen Fellows provided large poster boards located in the UWY Lobby and Dawghouse to write, share and view epic failures fellow staff, students, and faculty have had! On Wednesday, January 10, 2018, they also hosted a Fail Forward panel where panelists that consisted of faculty shared their stories of failure and how they overcame it. By sharing your stories, we are bringing people together and provoking conversation on failures as an important part of growth and learning, especially first-generation students.




I failed a class, switched majors 3 times. But i’m still trying to push!

I failed 1st grade due to getting sick too often

I failed spanish 101

I didn’t eat before a two hour test

I tyme me F’d for my riting clas.

I failed out of college when I was 18, because I wasn’t ready yet

Failed 9th grade english and i’m in the writing studies program

I failed the science wasl in 5th grade

I bombed an intro quiz

I took phys w/ prof. Z…

Didn’t understand a grad requirement & didn’t clarify until ½ through my degree, then had to scramble to catch up

I gave up

Failing an entire quarter cuz lazy

Got a 0.78 GPA first quarter in college

I failed my comprehensive exam in grad school. I worked with my faculty to retake it, and passed. It did not stop me from being the best in the work I wanted to do.

If you can beat yourself, there are nothing you can’t achieve

Almost done with college, but no idea where I’m going or what I’m doing

Everytime i get ahead I let others bring me down and lose focus.

Just remember to keep moving forward - walt disney

Failed Bio 1.9

I did weeks of community service for a scholarship I didn’t get.

Almost failed calc1 after retaking pre-calc

Turned in m y final late and got a 0!

Was told i’m not fit for my major …. Still pushing through b/c I know I’ll get there …. someday → You will!

I dropped out twice

Couldn’t afford to go to college because I was poor

Not boundless enough

I had to take 2 summer quarter because I took classes that didn’t count toward my degree #tobethefirst

Didn’t plan ahead

I failed TCSS 142 → but then passed it when I took it next quarter!

I took me 8 years to get my BA. → try taking 12!!

Keep grinding & don’t give it up

I failed pre-calc 2 twice in a row

Getting to know FAFSA

I keep procrastinating and doing HW at 4:30 AM when it’s always due at 6:00 am

I don’t turn assignments in on time. This ends up giving me stress.

No’s on job application

I failed java and discrete math on my first quarter of university

I switched my major 3 times!!!

I failed english

I failed obtaining a law school and entering post-gradute work for, looking at wifi.

I wore perfume in class and the teacher told me it’s a scent free zone and I would need to leave

Didn’t take advantage of FAFSA as much as others

Constantly procrastinating w/ filing FAFSA

Graduated with my associate still have no clue what to do …

Believe in yourselves, do not give up, keep pushing, one day at a time you will get there someday!!

I got suspended for cheating in spanish

I failed precalc because 3 does not equal 1

Failed one class for 2 quarters….

I failed 6 classes in college

I second guess on everything I do!!

What is studying?

I failed at starting the school year off productive!

Failed my 1st class (now a Junior) I’m also a student leader - felt pretty bad

I overslept and missed my math final and barely passed! (And I mean barely).

I failed two classes out of three in one quarter. As a first gen student, always remember to communicate with your professors.

I came late to my final.

I majored in mechanical engineering. It’s hard.

I didn’t major in business because I was scared of all the work.

I failed my business class.

I failed statistics class...horribly.

I failed at not procrastinating on my schoolwork.

I didn’t do the major I wanted to do (geology) because it was too much work. Instead, I did geography - which has less job opportunities that interests me. And now I’m not using my $25,000 degree. And my parents are sad about it. (I’m not)

I was a 4.0 student in community college and could’ve gone to almost anywhere to earn my bachelor’s. I stuck near home to be close to my (now ex) boyfriend. I’m still proud that I graduated from UWT but I shouldn’t have limited my options.

I failed at showing up to class more than a month in a row.

I failed my classes due to hanging out with a boyfriend, never doing the work. Never again for 2018! I’m putting myself first. Now he’s an ex-boyfriend.

I failed at staying on top of my homework schedule.

Not believing in myself.

Didn’t get into my top choice school and thought it meant that I wasn’t smart enough. My “last choice” school ended being the best fit and I have two degrees from there now.

It took me 8 years to complete my BA.

I didn’t get accepted into law school but I love my career now!

Math 163! Yikes.

Last year of school and I still don’t know what to do with my life!

Took me 3 years to go back to college.

I flunked out of WWU.

Didn’t do running start.

Getting rejected from my dream school.

I forgot to turn in my final paper and failed the class therefore had to retake it again.

Got a 0.0 GPA on calculus I class before transferring to UW.

I got suspended 3 days before summer vacation for cheating in Spanish 101.