Student Health Services FAQs

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Below are answers to some common questions you may have. If you can't find an answer to your question here, please contact Student Health Services.

Who can use Student Health Services?

Services are funded by UW Tacoma student fees that are part of your tuition. Only currently enrolled UW Tacoma students are eligible for full services. Family members of students are not eligible to receive services.

If you have been accepted to the University of Washington Tacoma but have not yet enrolled, you may only be seen for University-related measles immunization requirements or program-specific immunization requirements (i.e. Nursing, Social Work, and Healthcare Leadership programs) only.

What services do you provide?

Will my information be kept confidential?

Your needs will be met in a professional and confidential manner. Student Health Services is staffed by CHI Franciscan Health employees who treat every patient with respect and dignity. SHS does not have student employees or volunteers.

Do I need to have insurance to be seen?

No. Please see detailed information regarding Cost & Payments.

Is this like insurance?

No. Student Health Services does not replace comprehensive health insurance and does not cover major injuries or illnesses, which may require a specialist's care, surgery, or hospitalization.

What does this cost me?

Funded by UW Tacoma student fees, office visits are provided free of charge for current UW Tacoma students. While some services may incur costs, such as some lab work and some vaccinations, they are offered at a discounted rate and will be discussed with you before they are ordered.

How do I pay?

Please see detailed information regarding Cost & Payments.

Who do I contact for billing questions?

  • If you have not yet received a bill for services, please contact Student Health Services for assistance. If you have questions regarding a bill you have already received, please see the following:
    • For laboratory billing questions, please contact the PACLAB Billing office at 800-433-1583. Be sure to let them know you are a UW Tacoma student seen at the Student Health Services clinic.
    • For vaccination billing questions, please contact Franciscan Medical Group’s customer service at 888-779-6380. Be sure to let them know you are a UW Tacoma student seen at the Student Health Services clinic.
    • For imaging billing questions, please contact that clinic’s or hospital’s billing as directed on your statement.
    • For primary care provider or specialty service provider billing questions, please contact that clinic’s billing as directed on your statement.
  • If you are not sure who to contact or still have questions, please contact Student Health Services.

Do I have to have an appointment?

Making an appointment increases the likelihood that you can be seen within a time frame that meets your needs. Same-day appointments are often available. Walk-ins are seen on a space-available basis. Priority will be given to patients with scheduled appointments. Flu vaccinations are available without an appointment on a walk-in basis. All other vaccination needs (including tuberculosis/TB/PPD) require an appointment.

Can I drop in without an appointment if I'm unexpectedly sick or experience a minor injury?

Yes. While making an appointment is encouraged, you are welcome to come in without an appointment. Walk-ins are seen on a space-available basis. Please note we CANNOT provide the following services:

  • Services for life-threatening emergencies
  • Care related to motor vehicle accidents
  • Care for work-related injuries and illness, beyond first aid

What should I bring to my appointment?

  • Current Student ID
  • Driver’s license, state ID, military ID, or passport
  • Insurance card, if insured (insurance will not be billed for your office visit, you may choose to have them billed for labs)
  • List of current medications including dosage
  • Vaccination records, only if your appointment is for vaccination/immunization requirements

Can I get prescriptions at SHS?

Yes, the SHS staff can write prescriptions that are necessary to treat the condition you are being seen for. You can have them filled at the pharmacy of your choice.

Do I have to pay for the prescriptions?

Yes. You are responsible for the cost of any prescriptions which must be filled. The staff will work with you to prescribe the appropriate medication option at an affordable cost.