Student Success Council

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The Student Success Council is a group of faculty and staff, working together across campus units, to ensure an exceptional UW Tacoma educational experience and strengthen persistence to graduation for all student populations. 




This team will develop comprehensive guides to help students navigate college, integrating curricular and co-curricular learning opportunities and suggesting activities and resources that will help students progress toward post-college success. We’ll begin by building “maps” for each major based on a shared template. We’d like to understand the challenges that students face and provide them with timely information to support self-guidance and help-seeking throughout their college experience.



Communities of Practice Chairs

  • Emma Rose-  Community Engaged Learning Chair/  School of IAS
  • DC GrantUndergraduate Research Chair School of Engineering and Technology

At Large Members:

High Impact Practices are evidence based experiences and program characteristics that engage students and support their persistence. This team helps to build a culture of High Impact Practice at UWT and identify gaps in current HIPs to ensure all students have access to them.  Through UW Tacoma Communities of Practice groups we hope to share, promote, and assess HIPs across campus.  Learn more about the progress and success of the Communities of Practice here.




Efforts are underway across campus to improve student success, persistence and degree attainment.  As we engage in this work, we need to continually evaluate whether we are doing the right things and whether those things are making a difference to students.  This team will work to define what we mean by student success and identify ways to measure our progress.  It will also regularly update our understanding of what challenges our students face and what efforts can accelerate student success so that we can identify projects and programs that are most beneficial.