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How can you become a First Gen Fellow

Each quarter FGF hosts a series of workshops that address the academic and professional needs of the students. This is done in collaboration with various units on campus. The topics of the workshops are based on the current curriculum cohort model that moves students through 3 phases: Navigation, Empowerment, and Leadership.



  • Autumn Quarter

    • Phase 1: Navigation: Learning the Language

      • What can I do here?

        • Transition for students to get acquainted with campus resources and develop connections.

          • Goals/Outcome:

            • Navigation/Learning new structure and environment of UW Tacoma

            • Welcoming/Finding space for oneself in Higher Ed

          • Requirements for cohort participants:
            • Self-identity as a First generation student

            • Create short and long term goals for graduation by meeting with your academic advisor

            • Participate 3 FGF sponsored events

  • Cohort Phase One


  • Phase 2: Empowerment: Sense of belonging
    • Do I belong here?

      • Foster a sense of community amongst students.

        • Goals/Outcome:

          • Identity awareness

          • Self care / validation

          • Advocacy awareness

          • Connecting with faculty and staff on campus

            • Each quarter, we host a potluck in different locations throughout campus so that we may be able to foster a sense of community among students, faculty, and staff and to encourage students to access new, unfamiliar resources without fear and hesitation.

          • Requirements for cohort participants:
            • Review your four-year plan with your academic advisor

            • Connect and meet with an FGF mentor

            • Participate 3 FGF sponsored events

  • Cohort Phase Two


  • Phase 3: Leadership: Connecting with our campus and community via service
    • How can I lead? How can I serve?

      • During this phase, students will seek and discover affinities about themselves and their communities. Skills and experiences that they have acquired through the program will be put into practice via leadership opportunities on campus or in the community.

        • Goals /Outcome

          • Leadership development

          • Awareness of own potential as a student and prospective employee

        • Requirements for cohort participants:

          • Meet with your academic advisor to review your graduation plans

          • Be affiliated to a Registered Student Organization (RSO) on campus

          • By the end of this quarter, you should have attended a Career Fair on campus  

          • Participate  3 FGF sponsored events    

  • Cohort Phase Three