2018 Study Abroad Fellowship Awardees 

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Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship

Malinda Osborn (Communication, BA 2018) 

Malinda will be participating in the winter 2018 Creativity and Place: Seeing and Re-seeing Rome program in Rome, Italy.

Fadumo Diriye (Pre-major, BA 2020) 

Fadumo will be participating in the 2018 CIEE Summer Korean Studies program in Seoul, South Korea. 

Shivani Lal (Sustainable Urban Development, BA 2019)

Shivani will be participating in the summer 2018 UW Urban Design and Planning United Kingdom: Sustainable Regional Development program. 

Tina Van (Business Administration, BA 2019)

Tina will be participating in the summer 2018 UW Tacoma Ecuador: Spanish Language and Culture program. 

Vasika Cheng (Communication, BA 2019)

Vasika will be participating in the Seoul National University Exchange program in South Korea for the 2018-2019 academic year. 

Office of Global Affairs Study Abroad Scholarships:

Generously supported by the Bamford Foundation

Summer and Autumn Quarter Recipients

Alex Cole (Sustainable Urban Development, BA 2019)

Alex is a Sustainable Urban Development major and a junior at UW Tacoma. She believes that the world has so much knowledge to offer, and is eager to gain that knowledge! She will be participating in the Buenos Aires, Argentina Urban Field Experience program in early fall of 2018, and could not be more excited. Sustainable Urban Development centers around cities, and cities that interact and connect on a global scale have the potential to do amazing things. She hopes to make some of those connections for Tacoma, so that we can learn, grow and maybe help other cities do the same. She also hopes to step outside her comfort zone as much as possible, and this program provides a fantastic opportunity to do just that.

Natalia Masterman (Psychology, BA 2018)

Natalia will be participating in the Central Europe: Themes of Psychology in Culture, Heroes, and Food. She is a first generation college student who is passionate about the cultural aspects of feeding behavior, and thinks this program will be an excellent way to learn more about this topic. This will be her first study abroad program, and the last step of her undergraduate career, before applying to graduate programs in Clinical Psychology. 

Cassandra Harmon (Psychology, BA 2019)

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Cassie will be participating in the summer 2018 Central Europe: Themes of Psychology in Culture, Food and Heros program. This will be her first time ever going abroad, and she's extremely excited! As a first-generation college student, this is an opportunity that is taking Cassie out of her comfort zone and she is thankful to have such a supportive work and home environment to help me with this journey. 

Iris Yoo (Psychology, BA 2020)

Iris will be taking part in the South Korea: The Psychology of Health, Crime and Justice program during autumn 2018. She chose this program because she wants to study abroad in a culture she is familiar with and within the field of Psychology. Iris believes diversity is an important component to understanding our behaviors and our motivations. She believes UWT study abroad is a great opportunity for all students to experience learning around the globe! 

Jennifer Hoffmann (Sustainable Urban Development, BA 2018)

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Jennifer is a senior at UW Tacoma, and as someone who took a year off of school after getting her Associate's degree due to lack of direction, UW Tacoma has offered her more opportunities and understanding of her purpose than she could have ever expected. She is thrilled to participate in the Argentina: Urban Field Experience study abroad as it will be her first study abroad experience! She will be able to practice her Spanish in the hopes to someday be fluent, and will experience an urban setting in a foreign country to gain a greater global knowledge of urban spaces. This program will equip her with the skills needed to travel internationally more often, as that's been her ultimate goal since she was a child. 

Kaylen Vine (Psychology, BA 2018) 

Kaylen is looking forwar to exploring a novel cultural experience through the Central Europe: Themes of Psychology in Culture, Heroes, and Food study abroad program. She finds cultural competency and immersive interaction to be essential character building-blocks and looks forward to expanding her personal development. This will be her first study abroad program and her last few undergraduate courses before transitioning into graduate study.

Meagan Beardemphl (Sustainable Urban Development, BA 2019)

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Meagan will be participating in the Creative Writing Rome program during the summer of 2018. This will be Meagan's first study abroad experience.Traveling all over the world is a dream of hers which I hope to pursue with her Communication and Creative Writing/Writing Studies degree. Meagan works part-time, is a and full-time student and loves animals. She's looking forward to spending time in Rome this summer and exploring the rich culture and beauty of Italy!

Miriam Otieno (Biomedical Sciences, BA 2019)

Miriam’s parents brought her to the States at a young age to give her a wider array of opportunities. She has always loved science but also understood the disparities in healthcare all over the world. After an unexpected two year hiatus, she is currently completing her Bachelors in Biomedical Sciences. She has a strong interest in healthcare policy and epidemiology. During the Argentina: Urban Field Experience program, she plans on surveying the healthcare disparities among the ethnic minority in Buenos Aires. Being a minority, she didn’t think she could participate in a study abroad experience because of the cost. Miriam is excited to study abroad and sees this as a chance to demonstrate the different opportunities available to minority students.

Vasika Cheng (Communications and Education, BA 2019)

After high school, Vasiak studied in South Korea for six weeks and since then, she has been pursuing the Korean language and wanting to return again. For her senior year, she finally gets the chance to study at Seoul National University for the academic year! 

Vanessa Emanuel (Spanish Language and Culture, BA 2020)

Vanessa will be participating in the Spanish Language and Culture study abroad this summer in Quito, Ecuador. She loves learning about Hispanic and Latino culture and is very excited to go on this program and be immersed in such an academically and culturally enriching environment. Vanessa currently works as a Certified Nurse's Assistant in Tacoma and hopes one day to utilize her Spanish to serve her local community and help further her dreams and career goals. 

Spring Quarter Recipients 

Brittany Padilla (Finance, BA 2018)

Brittany will be participating in the spring quarter Business in the Global Economy: Views from Spain program. Brittany has been working as a Licensed Massage Therapist in Olympia, while studying for her Bachelor's degree. She is hoping to come back from this program a better mother, student, and business entrepreneur. 

Tina Van (Business Administration, BA 2019)

Tina is a first-generation Vietnamese-American college student. This will be her first study abroad program ever. During her time abroad, Tina hopes to get a glimpse of her future in international business and practice the language skills she gained with her Spanish Language and Cultures minor. In the future, she wants to work with a global nonprofit that utilizes her language skills and diverse background. Tina will be going to Spain for the “Business in the Global Economy” program, a first of its kind program that partners with the Milgard School of Business and concentrates on business finance through an international perspective. 

Winter Quarter Recipients 

D’Andre Williams (Communications, BA 2018)

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D’Andre will be participating in the winter 2018 Rome: Creativity and Place study abroad program. He is the first in his family to attend college. D’Andre supports not only himself but also contributes to his family’s income by working as an IT Systems Student Assistant in our library and in our Center for Equity and Inclusion.

Karen Kind (Arts, Media and Culture, BA 2018)

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Karen has been paying for her daughter’s college education and is working part-time in addition to being a full-time student and parent. Karen expects that her study abroad experience in Rome will enrich and sharpen her skills as an artist, as well as in her future career as a teacher.

Malinda Osborn (Communications and Business, BA 2018)

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Malinda will be participating in the winter 2018 Rome: Creativity and Place study abroad program. She is a first generation Chamorro student and this will be her first time studying abroad. She is extremely family oriented so being away for three months will be difficult but will also be a good new experience. Malinda works at the UWT library and the Center for Equity and Inclusion where she develop events and workshops focused on Identity. She is very excited to study abroad! **Malinda is also a recipient of the Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship, as well as the Asian American and Pacific Islander Scholarship Fund.** 

Rosanna Vinton (Communications, BA 2019)

Rosanna has been working at as a coach and office assistant at a gymnastic center in Auburn since high school. While abroad on the Rome: Creativity and Place program she is looking forward to learning more about personal and professional communication, as well as business and advertising in Italy.

Susan Casey (Psychology, Writing Studies, BA 2018)

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Susan is a senior and is hoping to double major. Her goal is to earn a Masters Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis. She is a first generation student, a mother of two and a Grandmother of four. She is hoping to hone on her communication skills while participating in the Creativity and Place in Rome program. Studying abroad will allow her to adapt to diverse work environments as well as to get in touch with her artistic side again.

Brittany Barnhouse (Writing Studies, Enviornmental Studies BA 2018)

Brit is a writing studies student at the University of Washington Tacoma. She hopes to use creative writing as a way to make science more accessible to the average person and believes that the Sustainable Development in East Africa study abroad program will help in this in endeavor. When not writing about the ever-blurred lines between animals and humans, she can be found hoping for close encounters with whales in the Puget Sound, giving her dogs belly rubs, or tossing treats out to the neighborhood crows.

Thomas Bacon (Enviornmental Studies, BA 2020)

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Thomas is Participating in the Creativity and place - seeing and re-seeing Rome, study abroad program. As a first-generation student, Thomas wants to make the most of his college experience and set a positive example for the rest of his younger family members. The OGA scholarship made studying abroad so much more accessible for Thomas. In his future, Thomas would like to pursue travel writing, so a program that focused on travel writing was the perfect opportunity.

Alissa Tu (Writing Studies, BA 2018)

Alissa is mostly a clumsy student while tripping on flat ground to get to meetings for her three different clubs, sliding to her appointments, and flailing around to attend her required classes. She will be participating in Rome: Creativity and Place study abroad program, in hopes to craft her skills as a creative nonfiction writer while trying to figure out how not to trip on cobblestone.

Kelsey Ferrenberg (Writing Studies, Creative Writing, BA 2018)

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Kelsey is a senior this year at UW, studying creative writing. With this scholarship she can fulfill her dream of studying abroad. She is excited to make this final year at UW memorable with the program in Rome this Winter.