2019 Study Abroad Fellowship Awardees

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Office of Global Affairs Study Abroad Scholarships:

Generously supported by the Bamford Foundation

Summer and Early Fall Recipients 

Royze Banados (Biomedical Sciences, BS 2021)

Watch Royze's Day in Life Video here.

Royze was born and raised on Saipan, a 14-mile pacific island. Growing up she was constantly surrounded by the beauty of nature and a very supportive community, which built her passion for sustainability and health. She is extremely excited to be participating in the CFHI: Global Health Experiential Learning program in Uganda, Africa in the early fall of 2019. Royze chose the program to learn more about sustainable agriculture practices and cultural differences to understand their implications for human health.

Ranie Betzina (Business Administration and Sustainability, BA 2021)

Check out Ranie’s video to learn more about what she did in the Netherlands.

Ranie will be participating in the From Sea to Shining Sea: Exploration of Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives at the Ports of Washington and the Netherlands program in Early Fall 2019.  Corporate Social Responsibility is the way of the future, and it will be exciting to learn from the most sustainable port on the planet while in the picturesque setting of the Netherlands and its beautiful canals.  Ranie is passionate about the person to planet relationship and how corporations can improve current conditions. She is thrilled to tie together the aspects of CSR to sustainability while learning how those initiatives are marketed to the public for buy in. This program truly brings together everything she has been learning about inside of the classroom into a real world setting that will set her on the path to discovering her future career. 

Linh Dao (Biomedical Sciences, BS 2020)

Watch Linh Dao's testimonial video here.

Being a first-generation college student of a Vietnamese immigrant family has motivated Linh to explore all the aspects of college. Besides the healthcare field that she is pursuing academically, Linh is interested in Eastern culture so she is very excited to participate in the CFHI: Public Health and Community Medicine study abroad program in Delhi, India program.

Amari Davis (Criminal Justice, BA 2020)

Check out Amari’s video to learn more about what she did in the Netherlands.

Amari is a 22-year old UW Tacoma transfer student. She will be studying abroad on the Compartiative Criminal Justice Systems in the Netherlands program. She will explore the Dutch justice system and analyze crime reduction techniques, among other things, and be exposed to methods of interaction with high-risk, vulnerable, and minority groups. Amari is very excited for this experience as she believes it will provide wonderful insight into alternative forms of addressing criminal behavior, which are not employed in the U.S. justice system. Her long term career goal is to be a juvenile corrections counselor, and she hopes to apply some of the knowledge acquired during this study abroad experience during her career. 

Miekel Ellefson-Pillato (Social Welfare, BA 2020)

Miekel will be attending the Compartiative Criminal Justice Systems in the Netherlands program. Attending the University of Washington Tacoma has resulted in so much personal and professional growth for Miekel. Her life has changed in such a positive way. She feels very supported and appreciates the campus community. 

Jazmin Griffin (Social Welfare, BA 2020)

Watch Jazmin’s testimonial video here.

Jazmin will be participating in the Compartiative Criminal Justice Systems in the Netherlands program. This will be her first study abroad, as well as her first trip outside of North America. She chose the program in the Netherlands because it fits well with her Social Work major. Jazmin believes that a lot can be learned from nations with criminal justice systems that are more progressive than that of the U.S., and she looks forward to gaining knowledge that could steer her in the direction of advocacy work. She's also excited for sight-seeing and eating Dutch pastries with every meal. 

Kirsten Hargett (Biomedical Sciences and Psychology, BA 2021)

Watch Kirsten’s testimonial video here.

Kirsten will be going to Bolivia for the CFHI: Doing More with Less: Healthcare in Remote Southern Bolivia program. This will be her first time leaving the country ever. During her time abroad, Kirsten hopes to get a glimpse of her future in healthcare and working in a clinical setting. She also hopes to practice her Spanish language skills. In the future, she wants to become a pediatric surgeon with a specialty in oncology.

Kevin Liu (Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, BA 2022)

Watch Kevin’s testimonial video here.

Kevin is a first-year student at the University of Washington Tacoma and will be participating in the China: Past and Present program in the Summer A term of 2019. In pursuing a career in international relations, he hopes to gain an understanding of various cultures to become involved in an international setting. Kevin hopes to immerse himself in Chinese culture and believes that every person should have the opportunity to travel overseas in their lifetime. 

Kylie Marx (Spanish Language and Culture, BA 2020)

Check out Kylie’s video to learn more about what she did in Spain.

Kylie is a first generation college student and is ecstatic to have the opportunity to study abroad on the Intensive Spanish in Alicante, Spain program so she can utilize her Spanish speaking skills! She's been studying Spanish since her sophomore year of high school, and this will be her first time studying abroad and getting to use Spanish outside of the classroom. She's hoping to gain more confidence in her Spanish speaking skills so she can become more involved in and help our Spanish speaking community here in Tacoma. She looks forward to meeting new people, learning more about the culture, and taking in all of the beautiful scenery in Spain! 

Aimee Morago (Social Welfare, BA 2020)

Aimee is passionate about social justice advocacy. She will be participating in the Summer 2019 Netherlands: Comparative Criminal Justice Systems study abroad program. She's excited to learn more about the Dutch’s restorative justice approaches while deepening her understanding of the disproportionality that occurs within the United States’ criminal justice system. This is Aimee's first trip to Europe; she can't wait to explore the food and culture and potentially make new friends. 

Joanne Nguyen (Biomedical Sciences, BA 2020)

Watch Joanne’s Day in the Life video here

Joanne is a junior at University of Washington Tacoma. She has been living in Seattle ever since she was born and is the oldest of four in her family. Joanne is participating in the CFHI: Public Health and Community Medicine in Delhi, India early fall program. The last time Joanne visited Asia, where her parents' home country is located, was when she was five-year-old. She looks forward to what she will see and experience during program, as well as the outcome. 

David "Chris" Ozier (Spanish Languages and Cultures and Applied Computing, BA 2020)

Check out Chris' video to learn more about what he did in Spain.

Chris started taking German language classes when he worked as a Dining and Conference Services employee at the University of Puget Sound. When he transferred here from Tacoma Community College he chose to take Spanish classes, which seemed like a more useful choice within the community he lives in. He has the opportunity to partake in the Intensive Spanish Language and Cultures in Alicante, Spain program, which is a language immersion program at the Centro Superior de Idiomas at the Universidad de Alicante. Chris is excited to expierence the festival of San Juan, in which the people of Alicante have parades, make paper-mache statues, blow up fireworks, and celebrate the beginning of summer with bonfires on the last day of the festival. 

Danielle Ross (Social Welfare, BA 2020)

Check out Danielle’s video to learn more about what she did in the Netherlands.

Danielle is a first generation student, military spouse, and a mother of two that is going on the Netherlands: Comparative Criminal Justice Systems program. She enjoys learning about other cultures and traveling around the United States. As a military wife she has been lucky enough to see most of the U.S. and learn about how our country is different in each part of the United States. She has a passion for social work and learning about people. 

Malik Slater (Psychology, BA 2019)

Check out Malik’s video to learn more about what he did in China.

Malik is a graduating senior with a love for the field of psychology. He will be participating in the China: Past and Present program in summer A term of 2019. Malik's goal is to work as a employee retention consultant so he can ensure that working can be enjoyable for employees, rather than a chore. He plans to own his own consulting firm and start in private practice later in life. 

Tzirintzy Valdivia (Business Adminstration, BA 2020)

Watch Tzirinty’s testimonial video here.

This coming fall, Tzirintzy will be participating in the From Sea to Shining Sea: Exploration of Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives at the Ports of Washington and the Netherlands study abroad program. As a Business Administration major, this program is a perfect fit. Tzirintzy chose to participate because she wants to know more about how the ports in different parts of the world work, what initiatives they implement for better performance, and find more about other cultures and education. 

Adrianna Zan (Biomedical Sciences, BA 2020)

Adrianna will be going to Bolivia for the CFHI: Doing More with Less: Healthcare in Remote Southern Bolivia program, and this will be her first time travelling to South America. She is a first generation Filipino and Chinese-American studying to become a pediatrician and currently obtaining her Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Washington Tacoma. She looks forward to exploring Bolivia’s culture, history, and political and social systems and the impacts of these on their healthcare system, as well as to learn about the field of global health.

Winter and Spring Quarter Recipients

Cobi Adams (Marketing, BA 2022)

Cobi will be participating in the European Summer School: Business Management, Culture and Economics program. This is his first time studying abroad, and he is very excited! He graduated with an Associate's Degree through Running Start and is thrilled to be going on a program that will change his life. This will also give him a great opportunity to practice communicating in German, which he took classes in at his high school for three years.

Chadene Djekkoun (Communications, BA 2020)

Chadene is attending the IES Abroad Business and International Affairs Program in Paris, France for Winter and Spring Quarter of 2019. She moved to the United States from France at the age of 12. This is a great opportunity for her to go back to her birth country. She is eager to learn more about her roots and emerge herself into the culture. Studying abroad will give her the opportunity to discover a new culture by expanding her knowledge and growing individually.

Matt Haase (MBA 2019)

Matt will be participating in the Global BusinessStudy Tour in Indonesia. He is a second year MBA student at the Milgard School of Business. He has worked in sales for the last 12 years, enjoys business and entrepreneurship, and looks to take his career to the next level in completion of the MBA. He's had the privilege of travelling internationally throughout his life, but never via study abroad and never to Indonesia, so he greatly appreciate the opportunity to experience this country in the context of seeing all of the businesses we will visit along with the many cultural experiences we will undoubtedly have. He's certain he will gain many valuable lessons throughout this tour to apply to his professional and personal life.  

Alicia Kemp (Law and Policy & Human Rights, BA 2019)

Alicia is a graduating senior majoring in Law and Policy, participating in a study abroad program through CIEE in Spring 2019 for International Relations in Haifa, Israel. She will be participating in an internship at the University of Haifa while studying the Hebrew language, and hopes to use the experience and the connections she makes there to better understand the relationship between national security and human rights while moving forward into a career. 

Annalycia  Matthews (Ethnic, Gender, and Labor Studies, BA 2019)

Annalycia is a proud first-generation college student and an active participant in the Tacoma community. She will be participating in the Understanding Multiculturalism: How Place and Identity Converge in Hawaii study away program during her spring break before she finishes up her last year as a senior studying Ethnic, Gender, and Labor Studies. She hopes to push past the common exotification of the land and culture by becoming more familiar with Hawaii’s history which is also her own. This program will assist her with the transition into a career that is rooted in aiding others establish their own identities and being confident in who they are as they pursue higher education. 

**Annalycia participated in a study away program. Her scholarship was funded by the Office of Global Affairs.**