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What is the OGA Fellows Program?

The Office of Global Affairs is proud to offer UW Tacoma students the opportunity to serve in student leadership positions in our office. Office of Global Affairs Fellows are UW Tacoma students whose mission is to promote global learning opportunities on campus. OGA Fellows help plan, promote, and implement events and assist with international student services, supporting study abroad programs, student fellowship and award promotion. To successfully carry out these tasks, it is essential to have in-depth and experiential knowledge of study abroad, student fellowship processes, and international student transitions. If you have a questions, they have answers!  

Global Affairs Fellows

OGA Fellow Zaira Rojas in front of a fountain

Name: Zaira Rojas


Intended Graduation Quarter: Spring 2020 

I am a senior at UWT pursuing my Bachelors Degree in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics on the International Studies track as well as minors in Gender Studies and Global Engagement through the Global Honors Program. My life has been fundamentally shaped by global issues starting with my move to the United States from Mexico with my family when I was three. I have spent most of my life between cultures and languages and have thus built a deep fascination with all things global. I am deeply interested in looking at social justice issues through a interdisciplinary and global perspective. I believe it is only through collaborative work with people from diverse backgrounds that we can truly begin to shape meaningful and lasting solutions for the problems we face. My personal interests drew me to the Global Ambassadors Program where I believe I have found a perfect fit and hope to find other like minded students. 

Though I’m excited to be graduating next spring I am currently working on law school applications and hope to start law school next year in the fall. Outside of classes I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, mostly in the form of board game nights, movie nights, and old fashion home cooked dinners. I love to read and am alway looking for good recommendations. I also been dedicating some time to the art of cooking, mostly traditional Mexican food, but have also been attempting to learn how to cook all kinds of international dishes. 


OGA Fellow Wenyan Li in Belefield, Germany

Name: Wenyan (Leah) Li


Intended Graduation time: Spring 2020

Hi! My name is Wenyan Li, or you can call me Leah! I'm an international student from China and studying Business Management at the University of Washington Tacoma. I attended one year of high school in Tacoma and fell in love with the city. Being a small urban city, Tacoma has so much to offer. I decided to attend Tacoma Community College (TCC) to stay in the area. Following the pathway, I graduated from TCC with associate’s degree in Business administration.

Being an international student, I have so many opportunities to interact with people from different backgrounds. On my free time, I participated in different clubs and campus activities that allowed me to make connections with local students and other international students. Seeing more people are interested in my culture, I started a Chinese Communication Club back in TCC. Now I want to incorporate more Chinese cultures into the International Talks clubs for more people to learn about my culture and also learn about other cultures when participating in the club activities.

I'm very excited to be part of the Office of Global Affair to meet more people, participate in more campus activities and promote events as an OGA Fellow. I would love to connect with all of you! Please feel free to say hi and ask questions!

OGA Fellow Cierra Figaro

Name: Cierra Figaro


Intended Graduation Quarter: Spring 2020

I am currently a senior majoring in Communication at UW Tacoma. I am a transfer student from Seattle Central College where I completed my Associates of Arts degree and studied Japanese. I was born and raised in the PNW, and while I love it here, I have always dreamed of studying abroad!

I am a first generation Eritrean American, and first generation college student. My favorite aspects about my Eritrean heritage is the food and cultural customs. I love sharing a plate of injera with chicken sauces with my family. I think the best way to bond with people is over food! I am always looking for new food to try. Some of my favorite foods are from Asian countries like Korea, Japan and the Philippines. If you are ever looking for someone to try new foods with do not hesitate to ask me!     

While I have not studied abroad yet, I have been to many states in the U.S. including New York and Hawaii. Working in the Office of Global Affairs I am learning a lot about the Study Abroad programs that UWT has to offer, and will be taking full advantage of the resources we offer to find the program that’s right for me. If you have any questions about the programs available or funding your study abroad please come visit me in the Office of Global Affairs!


Arabic Language Facilitator 

Maryam Al Darraji

Name: Maryam Al Darraji


Intended Graduation Quarter: Spring 2021

I am a sophomore who plans on studying Biomedical Sciences at UW Tacoma. I lived in Iraq until I was 9 years old before moving to Jordan for several years. I then I came here as a refugee in 2014. When I first came to the U.S., there were people who pushed me to be who I am as a strong woman that fights for her dreams. And I want to be that person that lights up the darkness of someone’s life, and give back to those who’ve helped me.

I recognize that each person's life story is unique, making their experiences a valuable way to learn about the world. An important part about my culture is how our friends and family gather together at the end of the day. Even when we are tired, we still spend the night together by each other sides through sadness and happiness. I strive to be a representative for my culture to educate others on Middle Eastern people, and to address the incorrect portrayal of our culture in the media. I want to offer support for anyone who has questions or just needs someone to talk to.

I am a fluent speaker in Arabic and its different pronunciations, and have been learning Turkish as well. When I teach Arabic, I focus on creating an immersive environment where I work with participants as they practice. I look for ways to fuel their passion for learning a new language, and strive to work with them one-on-one whenever possible. I enjoy teaching others because I want to provide others with an opportunity to experience another culture.

My goal is to study abroad in different countries to learn about how different cultures practice medicine. I want to experience as much as possible so I can improve medical care in my home country, and places throughout the world.

I would love to be a peer mentor, and welcome any questions people may have.

OGA Fellow Kuniya (Kuni) Yoshikawa

Name: Kuniya (Kuni) Yoshikawa


Intended Graduation Quarter: Winter 2020

Hello! I am an international student from Japan! I have lived in the Seattle/Tacoma area over 3 years since I graduated from high school in Japan. In my first two years in the US, I went to the ELS Language Center Tacoma to build a foundation in English and Green River College (GRC) in Auburn to get my associates in Arts. Currently, I am a senior majoring in Communication, with a minor in Global Engagement at UW Tacoma.

While studying in GRC, I learned the importance of expanding connections and making friends from different cultures through various events and activities on campus. Then, I acknowledged my advantages as being a Japanese international student in the US college. I previously ran Japan club at GRC to provide a space for all students to interact with each other through activities regarding Japanese culture. In addition, I planned and promoted on-campus events and off-campus trips as an International Student Ambassador in the 17-18 academic year. I am currently running International Talks, a Registered Student Organization [RSO], as a president and also voluntarily teaching Japanese every quarter at UW Tacoma.

I am very excited to participate in more and more events/activities at UW Tacoma while I plan and promote events as an OGA Fellow! Feel free to say hi to me when you see me on campus! I would love to make new friends and chat with you! Also, feel free to email me for any questions!

OGA Fellow Linh Dao

Name: Linh Dao


Intended Graduation Quarter: Spring 2020

I am a senior majoring in Biomedical Science at UW Tacoma. Being the first-generation college student froma Vietnamese immigrant family has motivated me to explore all the aspects of college. There are many difficulties in regards to language and customs that I have been through, and I’ve learned from them a lot. Therefore, I want to share my experiences with others, especially those who have similar background with me, to help them lessen the burdens or struggles that they might encounter.

I am interested in learning about cultural diversity which is why I am participating in the CFHI Global  Health Experiential Learning study abroad program in India this early fall. I also just traveled to Vietnam during the summer, so I am very excited and willing to share my experiences with others after I come back. If you have any questions, come visit me at the Global Affairs Office!

Although I will travel a lot this summer, I am also studying for my PCAT and working on my application for Pharmacy school. I balance my education and self-care with my family and friends. I love trying new foods and baking for my family as well being part of a Catholic church and Vietnamese Student Association.


Korean Language Facilitator 

Grace Kim









Name: Grace Kim


Intended Graduation Quarter: Spring 2021

This is my second year at UW Tacoma, now deciding to major in Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Nonprofit Studies. I am a Korean American, born and raised in Spokane, Washington. Growing up in and travelling to areas of little diversity in both sides of my cultures, along with a high school STEM and space program that gave me the chance to experience diversity, friendships, and leadership, brought me to the West Coast of Washington for a chance to experience global engagement. I am so grateful to have found such opportunities and a community of family-like friends and mentors.

I learned the Korean language and culture through my family and English through public schooling. I also attended a Korean language school for 12 years and volunteered as a tutor for beginner to intermediate leveled students for 4 years. I decided to give teaching a try again to work on my communication skills and help the UWT community in a way I could. Now coming to a year of offering these Korean lessons, I plan to continue offering and improving on them for long as I can.

Ways of carrying out these lessons and their times or days are subject to change each quarter, but my main priority for each remain the same: offering a chance for any student of any level to learn or receive help in learning the Korean language and culture. However, I do plan on catering to both beginners and now a growing number of intermediate students I was previously tutoring: one day a week for beginners and another other day for intermediate students. For updates and any questions feel free to email me.


Former Student Leaders