Global Ambassadors Program

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Application Deadline: January 17, 2019


What is the Global Ambassadors Program?

The goal of the Global Ambassadors Program is to assist new international students with their transition to life as UW Tacoma students and to provide current domestic students with opportunities to connect with and learn from international students. International and domestic students will be paired with a buddy in this unique student partnership program. The Global Ambassadors program will create a welcoming space for students to interact and share, while helping students form a deeper understanding of UW Tacoma's urban-serving mission

The Global Ambassador program connects our local community to the global community. Global Ambassadors will work to understand each others’ privileges and oppressions, learn skills like tolerance and allyship and take part in campus initiatives that celebrate difference and diversity. Through these efforts, students will be increasingly aware of the support services and programs offered across campus, thus enriching the quality of the UW Tacoma experience for all participants.

Who should participate in the Global Ambassadors Program?

  • International students
  • Study abroad alumni
  • Domestic students
  • Students interested in international education and social justice
  • Students who want to get to know other UW Tacoma students and get involved on campus

Why Participate in the Global Ambassadors Program?

  • Build relationships with a group of international and domestic students who share interests in global learning and citizenship.  
  • Develop skills that employers are looking for, like cross-cultural communication, global perspectives, tolerance, mentorship and leadership.
  • Create an inclusive, supportive campus community that celebrates difference and all things international. 
  • Engage with student organizations, faculty, staff, and community partners to better understand UW Tacoma's urban-serving mission.  


By participating in the Global Ambassadors program, students will gain skills focused on intercultural competency, leadership, adaptability, tolerance and global citizenry:  

Global Ambassadors that complete the cohort requirements will receive a personalized letter of recommendation written by the Office of Global Affairs staff explaining all the skills and experiences the student has gained through their participation in the program. This letter can be used when applying for internships, scholarships, employment, graduate school, etc. 

Next Steps for Domestic and International Students

  • Apply online
  • Complete the mandatory orientation- you will receive a link to the Canvas group and module after you register
    • Introduction to Global Ambassadors program, self-assessment of intercultural knowledge, and meet up with your buddy
  • Global Ambassadors should be committed to spending at least 4-5 hours each month participating in Global Ambassador activities. Examples of these activities are below: 
    • Required montly Global Ambassadors cohort meeting (one Friday each month from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. on campus)
    • Attending campus or community events with your Global Ambassador buddy
    • Participating in weekly UWTTime 
    • Attend end of the year retreat 

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