Interviews with Study Abroad Applicants

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In addition to reviewing application materials online, UW Tacoma's Office of Global Affairs strongly encourages program directors to conduct interviews with all eligible applicants in order to more fully assess readiness for study abroad and fit with their program.

Suggested Process

  • Set up a Doodle calendar for applicants to sign up for interview times (allowing for group or individual interviews).
  • Send below email to applicants as they apply, i.e. before the priority application deadline. Please schedule interview time slots for the week after the application closes. Please feel free to edit the email as you see fit.
  • Interviews need to be completed and admissions decisions need to be made within twelve days of the priority deadline.

Suggested Email to Students


As the faculty program directors, we are so very pleased that you have completed your online application materials for the [program title] study abroad program to [location] for [quarter/year]. As a final step in the application process, you are required to attend a meeting with the program directors at which you will be asked to provide us with typed and printed responses and discuss the following questions:

  1. Why did you choose this particular study abroad program and what do you expect to gain from the experience?
  2. What experiences, if any, do you have engaging with cultures other than your own?
  3. What assets do you feel you have that will contribute to your own and others’ learning on this program?
  4. What worries you about traveling abroad and how might you deal with those concerns?
  5. Describe a time when you experienced a conflict with another person. How did you deal with the situation?

Please take a moment to go to this Doodle Poll (ENTER LINK HERE) and sign up for an interview slot. Please note that these will be group interviews, so multiple students can sign up for the same day/time.

If you are a student on the UW Seattle or UW Bothell campus, please email us so that we can set up a time to conduct a phone or Skype interview.

Suggested Study Abroad Interview Evaluation Rubric

Please refer to this Google Doc for our suggested study abroad evaluation rubric