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Summer 2019 Programs

 CHINA: Past and Present (Summer 2019)

 SPAIN: Intensive Spanish in Alicante (Summer A term 2019)

 THE NETHERLANDS: Comparative Criminal Justice Systems (Summer 2019)

 BRAZIL: Movements and Intersections (Summer B term 2019)

Spring 2019 Programs 

 INDONESIA: Global Business Study Tour (Spring 2019) 

 HAWAII: Understanding Multiculturalism: How Place and Identity Converge in Hawaii (Spring 2019)

 GERMANY: Business Management, Culture and Economics (Spring 2019)

Autumn 2018 Programs

 SOUTH KOREA: Psychology of Health, Crime & Justice (Autumn 2018)

Early Fall 2018 Programs

 ARGENTINA: Urban Field Experience (Early Fall 2018) 

 BRAZIL: Movements and Intersections (Early Fall 2018) 

 CFHI- Global Health Experiential Learning Program (Early Fall 2018) 

 ITALY: When in Rome- Intercultural Business Communication (Early Fall 2018)

Summer 2018 Programs

 CENTRAL EUROPEThemes of Psychology in Culture, Heroes, and Food​

 CHINA: Mainland China and Taiwan: Crossing the Strait

 ECUADOR: ​Spanish Language and Culture 

Spring 2018 Programs 

 ITALY: Renaissance Thinking for Contemporary  

 SPAIN: Business in the Global Economy: Views from Spain  

Winter 2018 Programs

Italian flagITALY: Creativity and Place: Seeing and Re-seeing Rome and Italy (Winter 2018)

Kenya and Tanzania flag KENYA/TANZANIA: Sustainable Development in East Africa (Winter 2018)

The Gambia flagTHE GAMBIA: The Gambia YMCA Study Abroad Internship (Winter 2018)

Spring/Summer/Early Fall 2017 Programs

Flag of ItalyITALY: (Graduate Program) Renaissance Thinking and Contemporary Leadership: MBA program in Rome (May 2017)                     

Flag of ChinaCHINA: Past and Present (Summer 2017)                       

Flag of BrazilBRAZIL: Movements and Intersections (Summer 2017)                      

Flag of SpainSPAIN: Intensive Spanish in Alicante (Summer 2017)                   

Flag of SpainSPAIN: Technology and Society: A Global Perspective (Summer 2017) 

Ghana, India, Morocco, Laos: Global Impact Course (Early Fall 2017)    

Flag of South AfricaSouth Africa: Examining Township Community Development, Education, and Racial Disparities (Early Fall 2017)