Program director responsibilities

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Program Director Responsibilities:

Program Design: Proposals are due August 31st for academic year programs. October 15th for early fall programs

  • Develop program proposal and budget
  • Discuss program proposal with home academic unit
  • Provide photos and review program website

Outreach and Application Phase: 4 to 8 months prior to program

  • Program marketing and outreach to home units, students, class visits
  • Advertise program at the Study Abroad Fair
  • Review applications, GPA, recommendations
  • Interview applicants
  • Make acceptance decisions
  • If programs do not have enough participants by priority application deadline, push back application deadline in consultation with OGA.

Pre-Departure (once program is confirmed): 1-3 months prior to program

  • Schedule 3 pre-departure meetings for students (OGA staff member will attend one) and communicate with OGA if classrooms need to be reserved.
  • Discuss program specifics with students (academic content, program logistics such as arrival times, flights, etc.)
  • Keep OGA informed about any program changes. Program changes that add cost in excess of $100 per student require extra approval.
  • Fill out the travel pre-authorization form
  • Purchase flights for program directors
  • Attend faculty pre-departure meetings
  • Make housing arrangements for program directors
  • Plan all on-site logistics
  • Communicate with OGA and on-site vendors about necessary purchases
  • Complete emergency contact info survey

While Abroad

  • Contact OGA in the event of an emergency
  • Save receipts related to program costs
  • Encourage reflection

Post-Study Abroad: 2 weeks- 2 months after program

  • Report grades
  • Return receipts and budget documentation
  • Attend OGA debrief meeting

OGA Responsibilities:

Program Design

  • Review program proposal
  • Program approval, including program budget
  • Create program website

Outreach and Application Phase

  • Create marketing materials (TV ad and program flyer)
  • Program marketing and outreach via website, flyers, newsletter, campus TVs, OGA events
  • Student conduct check
  • Monitor student applications
  • Notify students of acceptance and confirmation steps
  • Notify program directors of program confirmation
  • Create financial aid budget sheets for students


  • Schedule budget meeting and faculty pre-departure meetings
  • Set up Canvas page
  • Monitor student pre-departure requirements
  • Send program directors student health surveys
  • Process per diems and field advances
  • Make program payments
  • Pay faculty salaries (if applicable)
  • Re-check student conduct history and academic standing

While Abroad

  • Monitor situation in host country and respond to emergencies

Post-Study Abroad

  • Reconcile program budget
  • Host reflection session with program participants
  • Host debrief meeting with program directors