Study Abroad Administrative Fees

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Students who study abroad on one of our programs pay a UW Tacoma Study Abroad Administrative Fee as well as a UW Seattle Study Abroad Administrative Fee. Find out below what that money is used for.

What the UW Tacoma Study Abroad Administrative Fee ($150.00) is used for:

  • Student workers who serve as peer study abroad advisors and offer application and pre-departure support. 
  • Membership in relevant professional organizations for the Study Abroad Manager and Director of Study Abroad & Student Fellowships: NAFSA (Association of International Educators), Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA), Diversity Abroad, etc. 
  • Study abroad outreach materials and publications.
  • Professional development to improve risk management for study abroad programs.
  • Emergency study abroad cell phone.
  • Assessment of study abroad programs and program redevelopment.

What the UW Seattle Study Abroad Administrative Fee ($300.00) is used for:

  • Access to the Studio Abroad license (study abroad application and tracking system). Access to Studio Abroad means that:
    • Our students now have access to needs-based scholarships for study abroad. UW Study Abroad scholarships are now tied to Studio Abroad. Not using Studio Abroad would preclude students going on UW Tacoma led programs from access to these scholarships. 
    • We are better able to track applications, including reaching out to students “on the fence” or who have started but not yet completed their applications, which could also increase participation on our programs and reduce the likelihood of UW Tacoma programs being cancelled due to low enrollment.
    • UW Tacoma study abroad programs will now be advertised across the UW system, including on the Seattle campus. 
  • Maintaining contact as needed with all students, faculty, and staff abroad and providing support in case of an emergency.
  • Facilitating the transfer of credit once students return to campus.
  • Additional information is on the UW Study Abroad website