Study Abroad Application Questions

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The study abroad application will consist of four main components:

1. Basic personal information;

2. Academic information;

3. Three short essays in answer to the questions provided (see essay questions below);

4. One recommendation from faculty, advisor, staff or supervisor at UW Tacoma or another institution who is familiar with your academic work. For information about recommendations, visit our recommendations website

Below are essay questions that are asked in the study abroad application.

Essay 1: Why is this Program a Good Fit? (500-750 words)

Write a statement describing your background and reasons for choosing this program or exchange, and the projected benefits of this experience to your course of study and long-term plans. Include any other information that you feel is relevant to your application.

Essay 2: Adaptability (maximum 250 words)

Describe a time when you had to adapt to a new environment and/or interact with people who were different from you (here in the U.S. or abroad). How has this experience prepared you for studying abroad?

Essay 3: Group Dynamics (maximum 250 words)

The success of the program can depend on the ability of the group to live and study with one another in harmony. Describe a prior experience with a group situation and how you navigated the social dynamics.