China: Past and Present (Summer 2017)

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Application deadline: April 3, 2017

Kaifeng, China

This is your opportunity to study Chinese history, culture, language, and economy in Kaifeng, China. Kaifeng, once the capital of China, juxtaposes China’s ancient history with its recent rapid economic development.

Participants will visit nearby Anyang, where ancient oracle bones were discovered and Luoyang, whose ancient Buddhist grottoes are a World Heritage Site.  We will also make a side-trip to the Shaolin Monastery, where Shaolin masters have practiced kung-fu for over a thousand years.   

The program will also focus on recent developments in China’s economy by visiting a major public works project near Anyang, a major State-Owned Enterprise near Luoyang, and the offices of a real estate developer in Kaifeng. This is a unique “hands-on” learning experience that will grant you unique insight into China’s past and present.

This study abroad program is led by Drs. Mary Hanneman and Will McGuire from UW Tacoma and Dr. Yi Li from Tacoma Community College.

Academic Content

Program content in China includes:

Experiencing China - TIAS 480 – 5 Credits

This course will introduce students to China's language and culture as well as everyday life in the host city. Topics may include Chinese art, literature, food, philosophy, and politics, among others, which we will explore through a combination of field trips, lecture, discussion, assigned readings and written assignments.

Imperial China – THIST 474 – 5 Credits

This course focuses on the history of traditional China from prehistory to the early Ming Dynasty, looking at traditional patterns of society, culture, philosophy and religion, international relations, government, politics and land tenure. Using a thematic and chronological approach, special emphasis is given to the patterns of thought that have shaped Chinese society, culture, government and economy, including Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism and Legalism.

Current Issues in the Chinese Economy – TECON 461 – 5 Credits

Following a brief introduction to the creation and reform of China’s socialist economic system, we will focus on the biggest economic challenges facing the country today. The topics covered will include, among others, infrastructure and development, the housing market, and state-owned enterprise reform. Lectures will be used to evaluate China’s recent economic changes and ongoing challenges using economic theory.

Program Schedule

Longmen (Dragon Gate) GrottoesThis 15-credit course will run from June 18 - July 16, 2017 with final written work due in mid-August. Required informational meetings during spring quarter 2017 will prepare students for traveling abroad.

Student Eligibility

Undergraduate and graduate students from any UW campus, Tacoma Community College (TCC) and other institutions of higher learning may apply. No prior knowledge of Chinese language, history, or economics is required. This program is ideal for students who have a particular interest in Chinese history or the Chinese economy.

We will be selecting students on the basis of their demonstrated interest in Chinese history/economy, their ability to work independently, and their willingness to engage in intercultural exchange.

Please note: Students from other institutions, such as Tacoma Community College, will need to enroll at UW Tacoma as non-matriculated (non-degree seeking) students in order to be eligible to apply to and receive credit for the program. Once accepted to UW Tacoma, you will also be able to take advantage of the UW Tacoma Study Abroad Insurance (see Insurance section below).


Applications are due on March 20, 2017. Applicants will be notified of acceptance decisions April 15. Once accepted to the program, applicants will need to confirm their participation in the program by April 25. Click the "Apply Now" button below to begin.

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Travel Documents and Insurance

Shaolin Monastery

For up-to-date information regarding obtaining a visa to enter China, please contact program leaders Drs. Mary HannemanWill McGuire, or Yi Li. The UW Tacoma Office of Global Affairs is also available for support.

Study abroad insurance coverage is required. We strongly recommend students take advantage of the UW Study Abroad Insurance as an easy and affordable option. Students with personal insurance may petition for a UW Study Abroad Insurance waiver. For details, please contact the UW Tacoma Office of Global Affairs.


Accommodations will be in the Huanghe Shuili Xueyuan University guest house in Kaifeng, China. Two students will share one room unless a single room is requested in advance (additional fees apply). Rooms are equipped with a telephone, a TV, and a bathroom, with Western-style toilet. All rooms are air-conditioned, cleaned daily by the guesthouse staff, with linens provided. The guest house is close to the city center with convenient access to public transportation.

Program Cost

The total cost of the program is $5,250** (includes $250 administrative fee).

Included in the cost of the program:

  • Course fee (in lieu of tuition) for 15 UW credits
  • Instructional costs in China
  • Lodging (double occupancy) in Kaifeng, China
  • Ground transportation in/around Kaifeng, transportation in and around Anyang and Luoyang
  • Museum entry and guide service fees
  • Meals during travel outside of Kaifeng overnight tours
  • Orientation dinner and graduation banquet

Not Included in program fees:

  • Round trip airfare to/from China
  • Costs of travel documents (passport, visas)
  • Meals (except as listed above)
  • Personal expenses
  • Single-occupancy on-campus lodging (available for extra fee if desired)

Payment Schedule*Modern Luoyang

ADMINISTRATIVE FEE $250 Upon acceptance to program
PROGRAM FEE $5,000 July 7, 2017
TOTAL $5,250**  

*Additional important dates can be found in the "Refund Conditions for Fees" section.
**Approximate cost, may be less, final cost will be established before the application deadline.

Method of payment: Payments made in person or by mail will need to be paid by personal check, cashier's check, or money order made payable to University of Washington Tacoma (UWT). Please write "China 2017" in the memo line of the check.  Please submit the check to the University of Washington Tacoma Cashier's Office (CAR 400) during regular business hours. Please do not submit your check to the Office of Global Affairs. You can also mail it to:

UW Tacoma Cashier's Office
Campus Box 358433
1900 Commerce Street
Tacoma, WA 98402

To make the payment online, click this button to proceed with your Visa or Mastercard.

Pay Administrative Fee

For questions about the payment schedule or the methods of payment available, please email or call 253.692.4426.

The program fee will be charged automatically to your UWT student account upon registration and can be paid online through your MyUW account. Please note: students do not register themselves for this program. The Office of Global Affairs will register you once the Administrative Fee and all appropriate program documents have been received.


To be eligible to study abroad, all program participants must attend an in-person pre-departure orientation facilitated by the Office of Global Affairs/UW Study Abroad as well as your program-specific orientations, offered by your program directors. Orientation must be completed prior to the enrollment deadline for the quarter that you are studying abroad.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Students receiving financial aid which they intend to apply toward the program cost should consult with a financial aid adviser before applying to the program. Some sources of funding, i.e. the GI Bill, do not cover the cost of study abroad programs. Check with a financial aid advisor to understand how your funds apply toward study abroad. Please bring the China student financial aid budget form with you to your meeting.

Please also review this list of scholarships: these are opportunities that can help fund your study abroad experience. Please note that many of them have deadlines before your study abroad application is due. For help with the application process, please contact

Refund Conditions for Fees

map of Henan province

  1. If you withdraw prior to May 19, 2017, all payments, less the $250 Administrative Fee, will be refunded to you.
  2. If you withdraw on or after May 19, but prior to May 31, 2017, you are obligated to pay 50% of the total cost of the program.
  3. If you withdraw on or after June 1, 2017, you are obligated to pay the full cost of the program. No refunds will be given for unused accommodations, meals or other fees and services.

If you cannot participate in a study abroad program due to unanticipated changes in your financial situation, a medical emergency, death, military duty, or other unusual or extenuating circumstances, you may submit a Petition for Emergency Withdrawal. If granted, the Emergency Withdrawal may allow for partial or full relief from your financial obligations to the program. More information.

Notice of Withdrawal from the program MUST be made in writing and submitted to the Office of Global Affairs in GWP 102 or by mail to:

Office of Global Affairs
University of Washington Tacoma
Box: 358415
1900 Commerce Street
Tacoma, WA 98402

Changes in Costs or Scope of the Program

In the event of significant devaluations of the dollar, some adjustments to program activities may be necessary. If there are any political events that might compromise the safety of the participants, a rescheduling or cancellation of the program may be necessary. If such changes occur, students will be notified of the changes and options will be presented.

Program Cancellation

If viable enrollment is not reached by April 30, 2017 the program will be cancelled. Participants will be notified and the administrative and program fees will be refunded.

Equal opportunity and disability accommodations

The University of Washington reaffirms its policy of equal opportunity regardless of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, or status as a disabled veteran or Vietnam era veteran in accordance with University policy and applicable federal and state statutes and regulations. The University of Washington is committed to providing access and reasonable accommodation in its services, programs, activities, education and employment for individuals with disabilities. To request disability accommodation in the application process contact the Disability Support Services Office at least 6 weeks in advance.