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Incorporating Sustainability

Want to find ways of incorporating sustainability into your time here at UWT?

We have several degree/certificate programs that can help you develope a true appreciation for our urban serving campus and its surrounding community.

With our urban campus as a vibrant platform, students don’t just read about sustainability, they make it happen—researching housing alternatives, testing solar arrays, tracking transportation systems, and tending organic gardens. Beyond the classroom, the UWT Sustainability Committee offers opportunities to help students engage with sustainability ideas and efforts on campus.

Course Options:

You can choose a minor in Corporate Social Responsibility if the business side of sustainability is what you're after, or dive right in with a BA in Sustainabile Urban Development where you'll learn the core foundation of economic, social, and environmental issues. If science is your calling and your career goals include tackeling environmental issues, we have several options in the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (SIAS).

Whatever your goals might be, we can help you become a leader in the fight for a more sustainable world!