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About UWT Sustainability

Sustainability at UW Tacoma encompasses the environmental, economic and social impacts of our 46-acre, urban-serving university campus. The present and future well-being of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the larger community are inextricably linked to how we manage finite resources.

Sustainability at UW Tacoma is concerned with the micro and the macro. From composting strategies to combatting science illiteracy, the sustainability ethos can be found in facility management, curriculum design and student activism. Explore this site and learn how you can get involved!

2018 Husky Green Award

This year we are proud to announce several Green Husky Awards with UW Tacoma connections.

Livable City Year (Project Winner)-A tri-campus activity, the Livable City Year Program engages UW students and faculty across all three campuses in cross-collaborative projects to develop sustainable solutions to real-life problems in a partner community

Stanley Joshua- Director of Facilities Services for the UW Tacoma campus and an avid advocate for sustainable projects in the community.

Jim Gawel- An Associate Professor of Environmental Chemistry, Jim Gawel is a mainstay of UW Tacoma’s environmental science program.

Aleece Rose (Honorable Mention)- An Urban Studies student and a member of the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Sustainability, Aleece Rose has taken a leadership role in various campus wide projects

Read the full details of what this group of individuls has contributed to UWT's Sustainabilty goals throughout 2018

Video of the Month

Dr. Ellen Moore Senior Lecturer and Chancellor Mark Pagano go head to head in a plastic reduction challenge. They discuss the problems our world is facing with plastic consumption as well as challenges to overcoming these obstacles. Watch these two battle it out and raise awareness for plastic reduction.

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UW Tacoma student Maggie Jo Baer looks at a sediment sample through a microscope.
October 3, 2019
A group of UW Tacoma students and one recent alumna spent their summer in the lab as part of Senior Lecturer Julie Masura's environmental research exp...
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Welcome to UW Tacoma

Aerial image of UW Tacoma campus and surrounding city.
September 24, 2019
It's the start of the 2019 academic year. Students and faculty are back on campus. Pac Ave is busy again! See what it's like to kick off the new year....
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