Referring Students to the TLC

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For academic support

The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) offers free academic support for students at all levels. We offer one-on-one consultations and group workshops in writing, math, statistics, science, and Spanish. We also work with students on questions about English grammar & vocabulary, reading, and learning strategies. We are located in Snoqualmie 260 and online. Our schedules for appointments and drop-in visits are posted on our website at For special needs or subject tutoring requests, please email or call (253) 692-4417.

For a writing consultation

At the TLC we cannot force students to use our services; however, if you would like to suggest a student use our services, that is no problem. If you have specific things that you would like a student to remember when they come over for an appointment we have prepared a Student Referral Form that can be used to help focus a student's time in the Center and aid in his or her growth as a writer.

Please fill out the form, by circling 1 or 2 areas the student needs to work on, and providing some comments for the student and writing consultant. This will help maximize the student's time in the center and also give the student a chance to reflect on her or his own work, while becoming acquainted with the language around writing.

For employment at the TLC

The TLC relies on faculty referrals for our student consultants. Our best consultants are good students, good listeners and collaborators, critical thinkers, and self-directed employees. Please encourage your students to consider a tutoring job in the TLC.

You can also refer potential student employees to us by contacting and briefly explaining why you think the student would be a good consultant.