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How can you help us help your students?

  • Introduce students to the TLC's Math, Science, and writing tutoring by requesting an "Introductory TLC classroom visit" during the first few weeks of the quarter. 
  • Inform students that we can assist them best if they bring their assignment directions and relevant course materials with them to the TLC.
  • Remind students of the variety of ways to access TLC services: 
    • face-to-face writing appointments, eTutoring writing appointments, & drop-in writing consultations
    • face-to-face tutoring for math, science, and other quantitative disciplines; workshops
  • Include the most recent TLC Service Statement on all of your syllabi.
  • Tell students a personal story about the value of seeking and receiving feedback from peers and colleagues.


  • Assignment and syllabus feedback: We can review assignments and syllabi with you for clarity and for potential outcomes. We can also review assignments with you when you receive products that do not match what you were asking students to complete.
  • Assistance with problem-solving and early-warning support
  • Support for working with multicultural/multilingual students
  • Guest teaching: The TLC can provide general or assignment specific sessions for your students. Please contact uwtteach@uw.edu to assess if we can assist your course.
  • Teaching topics
  • Writing Handout library

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