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Cassie is a senior majoring in History and minoring in Political Science. Her expected graduation date is Spring 2020. She plans to attend graduate school for a Masters in Teaching and intends to teach high school history. She is familiar with APA and Chicago Style and enjoys brainstorming, proofreading, and revisions.


Brandy is a junior majoring in Creative writing and minoring in Business. She plans on getting her Masters in Creative Writing to become a fiction writer. She is familiar with APA and MLA citation styles and thoroughly indulges in helping students in their writing process by editing and giving useful feedback to each student. Furthermore, Brandy likes reading, writing, and hanging out with her cat, Tuna.

Ellie is currently a Senior undergraduate pursuing an Bachelor’s in Accounting at the Milgard School of Business, and is looking to earn her CPA certification in the near future. Ellie has also earned her AA with an Emphasis in Chemistry, making her comfortable with helping students from literature and business, to biology and chemistry. In her spare time, you can find Ellie catching up to horror movies or reading historical nonfiction.


James is a graduate student in international studies, focusing on Chinese and Russian geopolitics. He also completed undergraduate degrees in literature and history at UWT, and is familiar with Chicago, MLA, and APA citation styles.
Emma is a graduate student in the Master of Science in Computer Science and Systems program. Prior to graduate school, Emma received a B.A. in Anthropology, French, and German from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She has experience writing across many disciplines and enjoys helping her fellow students at any stage of the writing process by providing constructive feedback, a sounding board for ideas, and help with revision and editing. Outside of the TLC, she enjoys watching movies and pyrography.
Kalyn is a senior pursuing a bachelors degree in Information Technology  with a minor in Technical Communications. She lives in Lakewood, Washington. In addition to reading, Kalyn enjoys cats, coffee, crocheting and watching Youtube.


Renee is majoring in Social Work with two minors. In her free time she loves to sleep and eat. Her passion comes from helping others in any community. She loves to research and write about social issues, such as immigration and mental health. She focuses on APA and Chicago style, as her major requires both. She specializes in research writing and social science. She loves reading horror stories whether it be on reddit or a published author like Steven King. She loves shows like "Criminal Minds" and "Jane the Virgin" that also explore social issues and governmental policies that focus on immigration and migrant experiences. 
Raelynne is a third year undergraduate student majoring in writing studies (creative track) and minoring in both teaching, learning and justice, and dance which she completed at UW Seattle. She enjoys writing because she believes it is an effective way to share thoughts and idea with other people. As writers, she knows that sometimes it can be scary and overwhelming to share work with other people. She aspires to be a supportive individual and wants to support students and their writing goals wherever they may be. Whether it be peer reviewing a final draft or brainstorming ideas for a paper, she knows that student’s thoughts and what they have to say matters. 



Candice is a junior at UWT majoring in accounting and minoring in economics. She is familiar with Chicago, MLA, and APA writing styles. She was born and raised in Washington and enjoys spending time in nature. You might find her at a local park or walking trail around Tacoma and Seattle. Outside of the TLC, Candice loves arts & crafts including knitting, crochet, painting, and drawing. 


Syntyche is a senior majoring in Arts, Media and Culture on the Literature track with a minor in Spanish.  She is headed for a career in education with a focus on teaching English to non-native speakers, so she has a special interest in working with English Language Learners. She welcomes writing from all disciplines and is familiar with MLA format. She hopes to help students who might be intimidated by academic writing to get comfortable with the writing process and to use their unique perspective and strengths to accomplish their career goals. 


Hailey is a junior majoring in Environmental Science. Her expected graduation date is Summer 2021, and she expects to eventually continue her education in Environmental Science at the UW Seattle campus. Hailey is familiar with APA, MLA, Chicago, CSE, and Ecology Letters citation styles, and is also familiar with writing and analyzing both scientific and literary work.  Outside of the TLC, Hailey enjoys birdwatching, reading anything in the non-fiction category, cross-stitching, and playing video games.



Brandon is a senior majoring in psychology and criminal justice. He has been at UWT for three years and also spent one year at Green River College and one year at Central Washington University. Brandon is most familiar with APA citations and specializes in social sciences. He is passionate about working with students to achieve their academic goals and wants to contribute to building the wonderful community at UWT. 


Brandon grew up in Kent, WA and Sammamish, WA but has come to consider Tacoma as a new home. Following his graduation in June 2021, Brandon plans on entering either a social psychology or criminology PhD program. He hopes to become a professor and researcher following the attainment of his PhD. Other than his passion for academia, Brandon is also a sports fanatic. When gatherings are not prohibited, you can find him at stadiums for all sports that are offered in the Seattle area.


Max is an Ethnic Gender and Labor Studies Major with a minor in American Indian Studies. They have a lifelong commitment to social justice action. They love art, superheroes, RPG’s, and podcasts of all genres. While most of their writing experience is research and response based, they love reading creative work more than anything. They would be more than happy to look at any literary analysis or fiction pieces you’re working on. Max can also help you with APA, MLA, and Chicago citations.


Mackenzie is a double major in psychology and criminal justice, with career interests in forensic psychiatry, clinical psychiatry, neuroscience, and social work interventions with criminal populations. As a writer, Mackenzie is well versed in persuasive, empirical, and summative essays. Additionally, she is proficient in APA, MLA, and Chicago citation styles. Whether you're stumped on how to start or just want a peer review of your paper, Mackenzie's happy to help! 



Lan is a senior majoring in Writing Studies on the Technical Communications track with a minor in Business Administration. Her expected graduation date is Winter 2020 to which she then plans on pursuing her Masters at the UW Seattle campus in Human Centered Design and Engineering. She is skilled in MLA and APA and enjoys editing analytical papers. When she's not on campus for school or work, Lan enjoys spending time with her two rescue dogs at the dog park or curling up in bed and watching The Great British Bake Off! Lan is very eager to meet new students, so come stop by the TLC!


Rebecca R.

Rebecca is a graduate student in the Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies program and holds a BA in Political Science, Social Justice, Creative Writing, and Professional Writing, from The Evergreen State College-Tacoma. Rebecca has studied a range of topics in social justice and social science. In the academic setting, she has experience developing scholarship and graduate school applications as well as résumés and CVs. She has work experience drafting and editing for non-profits and legislative processes. She has a passion for collaborating with student writers to support each person’s goals for personal success, academic achievement, graduation, and beyond. Rebecca believes writing is a radical act.  Outside of the TLC, she pursues inspiration and mindfulness through mountain climbing and backpacking across the northwest region.

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