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The TLC is located in Snoqualmie 260. For more information, please visit our main page, contact us at, or call 253-692-4417.

About The TLC

The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) is a place where all members of the UW Tacoma community (students, staff, and faculty) can come for feedback, help, and inspiration during their academic and learning careers. We provide instructional support in areas such as reading, writing, math, science, statistics, public speaking, and others. Just tell us how we can help and our consultants will work with you to address your academic needs.

TLC Services

Writing and English Language

The TLC can provide writing consultations for any UW Tacoma course. Sessions are collaborative; we work with you to support your ongoing learning of the writing process. We are here to help you improve as a writer, to assist you in clearly expressing your thoughts and ideas.

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Quantitative Skills

Math, statistics, economics, accounting, science and other quantitative tutoring are available on a drop-in basis. All tutoring is free to UW Tacoma students, faculty, and staff.

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The TLC offers one-on-one tutoring to students enrolled in Spanish language courses. This service is available on a drop-in basis.

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