Our Mission

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Mission Statement

The TLC supports the development of all UW Tacoma students into self-directed, lifelong learners on their pathways to academic success and beyond.

Diversity Commitment

The TLC is committed to diversity as a core value and actively works to increase diversity awareness and inclusion in our teaching and learning activities and in our workplace.

Statement of Inclusive Excellence

The TLC staff and peer consultants commit to listen and look carefully and compassionately for ways to actively engage in inclusive practices. For instance, we promise to

  • advocate for making our center safe, welcoming, productive, and proactive;
  • be sensitive to language practices (what we say and allow to be said) and other microaggressions that may make some people feel uncomfortable or feel in some way inferior;
  • affirm students’ right to their own languages as they engage with academic discourses and expectations;
  • openly discuss social justice issues as they pertain to the work at hand;
  • be reflective and critical of the practices we engage in;
  • conduct on-going assessments of the TLC’s work, looking specifically for patterns of inequalities and injustice that may be occurring in the center.

Our Philosophy

  • Students are the reason we exist
  • All conferences are voluntary
  • Clients direct the conference with their questions/concerns
  • All conferences build on the client’s existing strengths and rely on the use of active learning principles
  • Conferences help clients become independent learners by explaining the hows and whys of an assignment
  • Consultants do not to write or provide solutions for client’s assignments, as doing so is considered academic dishonesty and fails to provide authentic learning experiences

Community Standards

  • Be respectful. We are here to help you. We understand that assignments can be frustrating and stressful. However, we do not tolerate verbal abuse, whether it is directed at tutors or other students.
  • Come prepared. For quant appointments, this includes attempting problems beforehand or having specific questions to ask. 
  • Set reasonable goals; understand limits. Our time is limited. These limits ensure a reasonable chance for all UWT students to access our services. Learning a concept or finishing a project could require multiple sessions. Tutoring is not equivalent to attending class and cannot replace instruction.
  • You are the main participant in your learning. We support your learning, and we want to help you succeed. We can guide you in the best ways to undertake your labor. We can demonstrate how to approach problems and challenges; ultimately, the work is yours, and we will maintain ethical boundaries to help you keep your work as your own.