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  • Major: Master of Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Tre' is a graduate of the Criminal Justice Program with a double minor in Politics and Human Rights and is currently a graduate student in the MAIS program. His goal is a successful and prestigious career in law. Tre’ began tutoring writing during his interim at the Highline Community College Writing Center and began working in the TLC during the 2011-2012 school year. Tre’s specializations are: organization, APA and MLA citation, case law, and speech writing.
  • Major: Writing Studies
  • Torren spent ten years working in the insurance field where he honed his teaching and advising skills while working with a diverse client base.  Sometimes covering dense and complicated material, his primary focus was to ensure that each client left the office with a clear understanding of the material that was important to them.  Torren uses these same skills when working with students at the TLC and aims to have each session end with the client feeling good about coming to the center.  Torren returned to college in 2012 and plans to major in communications.  He most enjoys reading literature and writing critical analysis essays, but is always happy to help students with any project.
  • Major: Writing Studies
  • Matthew is a junior majoring in the technical writing track of the Writing Studies program. A lifelong fan of English studies, he enjoys pushing himself as a writer and tutor and is planning to pursue a Master’s degree in English at UW Seattle upon graduation. In his spare time, Matthew blogs about popular culture and works as the Arts & Entertainment Editor for The Tacoma Ledger. Although he is most knowledgeable about writing essays, he is comfortable writing and tutoring in a wide variety of genres that range from creative writing to professional documents such as resumes. He loves working with fellow students and seeing them grow as writers as they visit the TLC.
  • Major: Master of Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Tori is a third-year graduate student at UWT working on a master's degree in interdisciplinary studies. She is very excited to begin her second year at the TLC and to have the opportunity to continue working with such amazing, motivated students! Tori is passionate about studying sociology, women's studies, anthropology, and issues concerning the intersections of race, class, gender, labor, and social justice. At the TLC, Tori especially enjoys talking to students about their ideas and helping students understand their writing assignments, strengthen their arguments with analysis and academic sources, and begin conducting academic research. Additionally, Tori can assist students with navigating the library's databases, connecting them to librarians, faculty, and other campus resources, and using APA citations and format.
  • Major: Writing Studies & Communications
  • Chelsea is pursuing a double major in Writing Studies and Communications—with an Environmental Studies minor. She also works as the News Editor for The Ledger and Creative Nonfiction Editor for Tahoma West. Her long term goal is to become an environmental journalist while still pursuing her passion of creative writing. She is very familiar with the writing process, how both creative and academic papers are constructed, and would love to help you navigate any writing assignment.
  • Major: Communications & Writing Studies
  • Brett is double majoring in communications and technical writing and is well versed in the requirements of both of these programs. He has successfully completed the UWT core program and understands the fundamentals of these classes. Familiar with most common citation styles, Brett is most comfortable with the APA and MLA formats. His interest in writing includes both the academic and creative disciplines. Eager to help students at UWT improve their writing, Brett is passionate about helping students identify their own unique voice as writers in the academic community.
  • Major: Accounting
  • Rhoda is currently an Accounting Major in the Milgard School of Business. Before becoming a writing consultant at TLC, she worked at Highline Community College’s Writing Center. Rhoda’s specialties are helping students organize and structure their papers and assisting during any stage in the writing process. She also likes to help students with APA and MLA citations. Rhoda also loves interacting and working with people from diverse cultures.
  • Major: Master of Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Patrick is currently enrolled within the Masters of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences program and has undergraduate degrees under the IAS umbrella. Patrick is most knowledgeable with the MLA format and clarifying rhetoric. As a published fiction author he can also be of use with non-essay writing assignments like short fiction and scriptwriting.
  • Major: Interdisciplinary Arts & Science
  • James completed his original IAS undergraduate degree at UWT with a focus on literature.  He is currently working on a post-baccalaureate in preparation for graduate work at UW Seattle in international studies and plans on embarking on a career in the State Department or a similar agency.  As such, his primary focus is on linguistics and geopolitics.  However, he also possesses a strong background in wide-ranging historical, literary, and theological studies, as well as a familiarity with MLA and Chicago citation formats.  As an incoming consultant at the TLC, James is enthusiastic about assisting students with their writing and strives to make every student's visit comfortable and beneficial.
  • Major: Politics, Philosophy, & Economics
  • Kaja is currently a PP&E major with a focus on Political Science. Familiar with the writing process, Kaja would love to assist with the construction and organization of papers, and she would love to help during any stage of the writing process. She is knowledgeable about most basic citation styles but most comfortable with the MLA format. Kaja is excited to help students maneuver their way through the writing process and to help students see how beneficial collaboration is in academia.
  • Major: Communications
  • Mengmeng is a junior majoring in Communications and minoring in Global engagement from Global Honors program. Mengmeng’s specialty is helping students in the academic research discipline. She enjoys working with students during any stage of their research writing process. Mengmeng is most knowledgeable in APA citations and format, but she is also comfortable with MLA citations. As a bilingual speaker in English and Mandarin, Mengmeng is passionate about working with students from diverse cultures.