Creating Community at UW Tacoma

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Successful teaching, research and scholarship depends on an institutional commitment, as well as access to diverse resources. UW Tacoma provides ever-changing options for disciplinary presentations and brown bags, as well as interdisciplinary exchanges, events and collaborations. Here at the Faculty Resource Center (FRC), a number of discussions have focused on our busy schedules and how to best look to each other, to the affordances of technology and to campus resources for professional development - just in time, anytime, when you are able. 

Offerings on this Page:

  • Instructions on Setting Your Google Scholar Profile
  • Booking and Viewing the FRC Calendar
  • Participating in Our Scholarly Writing Groups
  • Exploring student experiences and perceptions of your course via an SGID

1) To make your work dynamically searchable and visible to colleagues here and nationally, we strongly recommend that you set up your Google Scholar Profile so others with similar interests are aware of your work when your name appears in a citation. It takes five minutes and provides visibility to your online CV while dynamically updating your citations.  At the FRC, support is available to help anyone get started.

2) The FRC sponsors conversations, writing groups and  seminars to support faculty in effective research, teaching and scholarship. If you have ideas for our informal work, trainings and conversations, please contact us. If a group wants to gather or host an event at the FRC, check the FRC calendar and if time is free, call Colleen or Darcy at the FRC to book your event. Due to demand, recurring events must be for groups larger than 4 people or events open to all faculty. 

3) A number of faculty communities exist to keep us on the "buddy system" of focus and accountability. Scholarly Writing Groups meet at a few different times per week, faculty forums and Brown Bags meet frequently, and technology topics are often explored here at the FRC. Ask us about current offerings or offer to lead a group or topic. We'll send out the word, and provide coffee and tea.

4) The Faculty Resource Center offers Small Group Instructional Diagnosis (SGID) to instructors at UW Tacoma.  This formative, done before mid-term assessment from the point of view of the student, is an excellent way for you to make positive adjustments to your course in real time. 

We're always researching effective practice, supportive practice, new technologies, promising resources and possibilities that create knowledge and community across the campus. Let us know if you have ideas that would better support you in your research, teaching and service activities.