INDEPENDENT, ONLINE Language Learning at UWT

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The University of Washington Tacoma now supports an independent learning path for your world language requirement!

You can now choose to study for your world language requirement on your own via interactive and Web-based learning tools.  If you're a motivated, independent learner, you'll love learning a language online, anytime, anywhere, taking only as long as you need. With access to online tutors and support, you'll be able to choose from three languages and study on your schedule, at your own pace.

Study FRENCH, SPANISH OR GERMAN independently via interactive Web resources at the online language learning site, Rosetta Stone. UWT is currently accepting competency as an independent-learning language option.

How does it work?
Purchase your "one year, online textbook," (levels 1-5) at Rosetta Stone, sign in, and begin your study. When you're ready, take the national CLEP test and submit your transcript to UWT to meet the language requirement. CLEP tests are available in French, Spanish or German. Rosetta Stone has an interactive, online textbook option available for a year of unlimited anytime, anywhere access to the full set of their complete language software levels.

What do I need?
You'll need a computer connected to the internet, an up-to-date Web browser, and a good headset microphone.

How do I earn credit?
When you are comfortable with all the recommended modules, take the national CLEP comprehensive exam for 101-102 equivalency credit and bring your transcript to the UWT Admissions Office (Mattress Factory 251). In world languages, you can learn French, Spanish or German for 101-102 equivalency. Advanced Spanish students can also earn credit for Spanish 103 and 203.

NO credit is offered until the student passes the CLEP exam and submits official transcript to UWT Registrar. 

101-102 Language Requirement Proficiency: Credit for these two courses must be earned together, based on CLEP scoure.
You must score 50 points or higher for 101+102 language credit in French, German or Spanish;

Spanish language:
You can earn Spanish 101-102-103 credit when you score 56 pts or higher, and
Earn Spanish 101-102-103-203 with a score of 68 points or higher.

Taking the CLEP test
The closest national testing center is Bates Technical College, where CLEP tests are administered by appointment. The cost of the exam is $99.95 and offered by appointment. JBLM affiliates can also take CLEP tests on the base.

Need Help? Worried You Won't Stay On-Task?
To participate in independent world language learning, you need to be able to study independently, set goals, manage your time and keep your eye on the prize: passing the CLEP test at the 101-102 level.

If you think you would do well as an online language learner, choose your language (French, German, or Spanish), then sign up at Rosetta and when ready, take the CLEP test. UW Tacoma will then waive your language requirement (101-102) with a 50+ level score. Further credit is possible in Spanish only. 

For more information, see your advisor or the Admissions CLEP Program page.