iTech Fellows 2013

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iTech Fellows 2013: Imagining Course Redesign 

A collaboration between the Chancellor's Fund and the academic program applying, this summer program explores innovation in teaching and learning with technology. Our work focuses on research-based best practices, UWT's new Learning Management System - Canvas, and the Quality Matters process for assuring the quality of online courses through peer review. Online courses are peer-reviewed using the QM Rubric.

Our Daily Notes for June Workshop: 
Monday  - Tuesday  - Wednesday Thursday - Friday 

Participants for 2013:

Creating online and hybrid programs 
Julia Aguirre and Jarek Sierschynski will develop online courses for the new Teaching English Language Learners (TELL) certificate program that is to be offered to K-12 teachers across the state of Washington.
Chris Knaus –new faculty for the Ed. D. hybrid program (summer 2013), will build on initial courses developed for the first year of the program. This work will aid in the establishment of an Ed.D. template for design, resources, help files, and assistance for new doctoral learners on campus only a few days per month.

Institute of Technology
Transforming the Institute’s senior electives to a hybrid format
Yan Bai, Cybersecurity courses,
Sam Chung, Environment courses,
Marc Dupuis, Risk Management courses,
Bryan Goda, Infrastructure courses.

Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences
Offering flexible alternatives for required/pathway/high-demand courses for the campus and IAS.
Jane Compson, TRELIG 350: Philosophy, Religion, and Environment,
Vanessa de Veritch-Woodside, TSPAN 101 and TSPAN 102 (Spanish 1 and Spanish 2).

Social Work
Developing courses that will contribute to a fully online undergraduate criminal justice major.
Erin Casey, Statistics course,
Jeff Cohen,  CJ Research course,
Eric Madfis, CJ Theory course,
Tarna Derby-McCurtain, Police course,
Rich Furman, Helping Skills course,
Marian Harris, Children of Incarcerated Parents course, and
Alissa Ackerman, 2012 iTech Fellow, will return in 2013 to work with the CJ team and to develop the CJ Capstone course.