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Students and instructors: we heard you! Life often gets in the way of the plans we make. Searching for time and travel solutions, a variety of instructors support the use of ProctorU for secure, digitally proctored, online exams. Students that cannot come to campus for required exams can now pay a small fee to take their exam distantly. Based on UW Tacoma's security-verified contract with ProctorU, instructors can choose to set exam access via ProctorU.

When proctoring is enabled, the student makes their appointment with ProctorU for web-based, camera and screen monitoring during an online exam. ProctorU works with the participating professor to ensure times, integrity and easy access. Online proctoring opens up new distance options for UW Tacoma courses that require verification of student identity and enables flexibility where possible.

WATCH How it Works

For the Student

Once your instructor has set up an exam at ProctorU, follow the portal link below. Select your course and make an appointment, then pay the fee via credit or debit card. Book early for a lower cost. Then, using a webcam and high-speed internet connection, you and an online proctor connect at the appointed time. The proctor verifies your identity and monitors the opening and taking of the online exam. The proctor will first determine that you are, in fact, in the right exam and the right test taker - so have an ID ready! The proctor will then snap a web photo for the session profile and ensure that you can access the exam and are not using any materials the instructor did not approve or provide. The live proctor will stay online and monitor progress and submission of the exam. 

IMPORTANT things to know! 

  1. Your computer must meet minimum system requirements. 
  2. If you checkout a computer from the UW Tacoma Library or IT, you MUST get a DELL or SURFACE PRO and NOT a MAC. 
  3. Allow yourself time BEFORE you sit down for the exam to TEST YOUR COMPUTER EQUIPMENT

Visit Getting started with ProctorU to learn about sytem requirments and to verify your system is ready to go!

For the Instructor

If you're interested in creating proctored exam opportunities for students who cannot come to campus for an exam, UWT has signed a data security agreement with ProctorU as our chosen vendor. They have a strong reputation and a long list of universities using their proctoring service. To get started, contact eLearning Services at the Faculty Resource Center. We'll create an account at the UWT ProctorU portal and ask ProctorU to configure it for instructor access. If you prefer, feel free to stop in at the Faculty Resource Center and have us set up the exam parameters for you. Once you've chosen the date and time range, the allowed materials and URL, wait 24 hours and send your students to the information above. They will create an account, choose your course, and follow the instructions, which include selecting an appointment from your allowed hours and rules. You will receive a report when the proctor session has been completed. Note: your exam must be ONLINE on the Web/not downloadable, to be offered via ProctorU.  


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