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Welcome to our site for Digital Learning at the University of Washington Tacoma.

UW Tacoma, a beacon on the South Sound for those seeking access to higher education, strives constantly to find creative ways to support our learners. word cloud With our push toward more meaningful use of technologies, we are transforming the anytime/just in time/all the time learning experience. Through collaboration with faculty, UWT Library, Information Technology and the Teaching and Learning Center, The Office of Digital Learning strive to support new pedagogy in a digital community of practice. Our goals are to:

  • develop and promote emerging tools for meaningful teaching and learning,
  • inspire innovative use of social, collaborative and communication technologies,
  • support faculty in the exploration of e-teaching (online, hybrid and F2F)
  • define best practices in evaluation and assessment possibilities for UWT's e-enriched courses
We work with faculty through learning communities, workshops, and 1:1 sessions, as well as through the FRC website resources. We research, implement and provide new tools to engage the 21st Century learner. Our goal is to promote digital literacy and access via the curriculum, to provide support that enhances new pedagogy, and to set strategy related to the changing technology trends in higher education.

Join us as we work on engaging the new learner. Whether wondering where to start in using our new Canvas LMS, in teaching an online course or looking for ways to 'Flip the Classroom' with new resources, much is happening at the Faculty Resource Center (Walsh Gardner 208) as we organize events & workshops to advance UW Tacoma as an innovation center for teaching and learning in the digital knowledge space.

Please visit, or contact us for ideas on how we can work together to move our teaching into an exciting new space of any time/ anywhere/every learner engagement.