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  • Nursing
  • Expected Graduation: 2020


  • Environmental Science with pre-med and Health in Society (minor) 
  • Expected Graduation: 2019
  • I love to help other people. I admire, appreciate, and respect other cultures, traditions, religious and languagues. I love to travel, explore, eat different cultural food. I am fun, professional, and goal-oriented. I love watching movies, swimming, and playing volleyball. I love to volunteer as well when I have free time. I want to travel to different countries and villages and help people develop health systems (medical mission). 


  • Information Technology
  • Expected Graduation: 2019
  • My name is Hakim Hassan. I am currently a senior studying Information Technology. I am a very ambitious and a competitive person when it comes to what I love. I plan on graduating in 2019. I enjoy working out, playing basketball, and watching TV shows. My favorite TV show is Game of Thrones. I also enjoy playing chess.


  • Psychology
  • Expected Graduation: 2019
  • My name is Halima. I am a senior majoring in Psychology. I love taking Psychology classes. I love watching shows and going hiking.


  • Business
  • Expected Graduation: 2021
  • Hi. I'm Jordan Nguyen. Currently I am a sophomore at UWT. I'm a hooper and I'm into clothing and sneakers. My favorite food is tacos. Also the New England Patriots is the best team in the NFL.


Rahel (LEAD)
  • Environmental science
  • Expected Graduation: 2020
  • My name is Rahel Tilahun. I'm working towards achieving an environmental science degree and a minor certificate in mathematics. I love to hike, paint and play tennis. My favorite food is Enjera (Ethiopian main dish); I can't go over a week without eating it.