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Name: Isabella Webb, Academic Advisor

I was born and raised in Australia and always knew I wanted to travel and see the world. I began my journey by studying for my undergraduate degree in both Hawaii and North Carolina. After graduating I worked with the Education Channel in Florida. I attended Graduate School first in Italy and then New York. I lived in Italy for two years and while there I worked with American Students and led them on educational tours from Rome to Paris to London. After continuing my journey to the Pacific Northwest I worked with international students at Tacoma Community College and now call the University of Washington home working with undergraduate academic advising as an academic counselor. My favorite places to visit are Denmark, Scotland, and France. My motto? A smile is worth a thousand words.

Name: Moosa Naushab, Student Advising Mentor

Hello all, my name is Moosa Naushab. I also go by “Moose”. I am currently a senior majoring in Mathematics and minoring in Applied Computing and Business. This will be my fourth year at UWT and my third year working for University Academic Advising. When I am not at work or in class, I can be found at Court 17 or at the Ping Pong table at University Y (YMCA). I am also the secretary of the Ping Pong Club and quite frankly, my skill at table tennis is unmatched. Recently, I started a Digital Marketing Internship at the University Y as well and it is my job to keep their social media up to date with all the events and activities. Overall, for me, UWT is not only a place where I go to study, it is my home, it is where I grow.

Name: Lizette Harris, Pack Advisor

Hiya! I’m Lizette! This is my third year at UW Tacoma. I’m going, to be honest, this school wasn’t my first choice, but coming here was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Since being here I have made some amazing friends, connected with faculty and developed mentorship from staff. I will be majoring in Social Welfare and you can find me around campus working as a Pack Advisor, hyping up the events put on by SAB or supporting First Gen. Off-campus, I volunteer with my community with Youth For Christ and the Hilltop Kids and working with the Tacoma Police Department for Project Peace, promoting unity and awareness between officers and the community.
I am a people person through and through. I value my friendships more than anyone will ever know. My passions center around my love for others, ranging from friends and family to my city and underrepresented populations. I like to view myself as an outspoken ally, full of energy, positivity, and flexibility. If you see me around campus, say “what’s up” I’m always down to make new friends. If you need support in a club, group, or event on or off-campus, let me know! I will try to attend and if I can’t you can count on me to spread the word.

Name: Vincent Da, ASUWT President

I am a Junior at University of Washington Tacoma majoring in Healthcare Leadership with a minor in Business Administration. Even though, the South Puget Sound is my home, I grew up as a military brat and lived in places around the world such as Germany, Virginia, Tennessee, and Washington. I worked as a Pack Advisor for Student Transition Programs, where I helped new students adjust to the campus. I also worked as a Pantry Student Assistant for the Center for Equity & Inclusion, helping to provide food resources to students to fuel their success. Not only did I serve as an Undeclared (Pre-major) Student Senator for Associated Students of University of Washington (ASUWT), I am currently the UW Tacoma's 2019 - 2020 Student Body President. I look forward to enjoying and creating new experiences for the next two years at Tacoma!

Name: Cam Bleiler, Student Advising Mentor

I have the privilege to be a Senior standing Politics, Philosophy, and Economics student at UW Tacoma, with the additional opportunity to earn a Human Rights minor as I go. I will be 24 in December and this is the third institution of collegiate learning I have attended. An 18-year-old, vastly less mature version of myself went to a private religious school in Seattle in 2014 until 2016, the year many things changed in my life; My now fiancee Madison and I left our private school for a stew of reasons in the spring of 2016, I officially moved out of my parents house in West Richland, WA to live with Madison in Seattle, and I found myself consumed by politics in a manner I had previously not experienced. Perhaps this was a function of the greater political context of that year, but one can't be too sure. I returned to academia in January of 2017. I had developed enough (admittedly childlike) maturity and determination to redefine how I approached learning, my future, and myself. 

Ultimately, a particular political science professor completely changed the way I understand those things. I had previously considered the best purpose of government to be a progressive representation and thus no place for yet another white, middle class, cisgender, heterosexual male. Rick showed me how the government could and should be a tool to solve problems and unconditionally decrease human suffering; a goal not contingent on demographic membership, raw intelligence, or family history. A goal I now desire to feverishly champion after my time here at UW Tacoma with a career of ambitious public service. At the beating heart of this desire is the fundamental belief that, contrary to common sense, human society is worth "it." Despite our countless flaws and atrocities, there is inherent and undeniable good in the continued existence of our species. We are the greatest warriors we know of against the unfeeling, all-ending promise of entropy. Our tactics are often unjustifiable, but our battle is noble. Any and all brothers and sisters and nonbinary friends that wish in their hearts to fight the good fight are more than welcome in my company. Let us fight this fight together, to our bitter end.

Name: Willow Raeburn, Pack Advisor

I’m a junior majoring in Ethnic, Gender, and Labor Studies with a minor in American Indian Studies. I also have two on-campus jobs as a Pack Advisor and as a Writing Tutor in the TLC. At the risk of sounding cheesy, working with and for my fellow students is something I look forward to every day! I want to make sure everyone here at UWT has the skills they need to thrive in college and beyond. Feel free to say hello if you see me around (and please show me pictures of your pets if you have any)!

Name: Derrick Derricks, Pack Advisor

What’s good dawgs. My name is Derrick Derricks and I am going into my third year here at UWT, I have an intended major of Biomedical Sciences and I use he/him pronouns. I am a huge ping pong enthusiast, so much that last year me and a few other pack advisors started a ping pong club here on campus and I’m pleased to say it was a blast so come through this year. Most people can’t tell when they talk to me but I wasn’t born in the United States I was actually born in the Ivory Coast in western Africa but I grew up in the PNW for the majority of my life and this has become my home. I love to learn new things wherever I can, and I love to make new friends even more. I believe that every year has the potential to be a great one, so let's make this year the best one yet.