Student Learning Outcomes

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What are Student Learning Outcomes?

Student learning outcomes (SLOs) describe what students are expected to know, do and appreciate as a result of the academic advising experience (Boston & Joslin, 2014).

1. Focusing on the learner/advisees and approaching our work from an Advising is Teaching framework.

2. Based on three domains of learning - cognitive, affective and psychomotor

As a result of the academic advising experience, 

What do we want students to know? (cognitive)

What do we want students to do? (skills/psychomotor)

What do we want students to value and appreciate? (affective)


As a result of the academic advising experience, students will

1. Clarify academic, personal and professional goals

  • Discover and reflect on their strengths, values and aspirations
  • Connect majors to their skills, interests and abilities
  • Explore career paths related to their academic and personal goals

2. Navigate and utilize University systems and resources, including

  • System technologies
    • Schedule advising appointments
    • MyUW
    • Degree planning tools
    • Registration
  • Resources
    • Advising partnership
    • Student success services

3. Identify the next steps of their academic journey 

  • Academic plan
  • Degree requirements
  • How to apply for or declare a major