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A Win for DACA, But We Must Keep Pressing On
June 24, 2020

On June 18, the U.S. Supreme Court turned back an effort to end President Obama's 2012 executive order which provides protections for DACA recipients. This is good news and for now offers us a brief moment to celebrate this decision. We are provided with an opport8unity to hold members of our undocumented community close as we let go some of the frustration, angst and fear that this impending decision was holding over them and their community of loved ones, advocates and allies.

With this decision behind us for now, it’s more important than ever for the University to recommit to engaging in efforts both seen and felt that embrace and affirm our DACA and undocumented students and respond with urgency to the many challenging issues that impact their sense of safety, belonging and thriving at UW Tacoma. President Ana Mari Cauce calls us to celebrate the strength of our undocumented students as they embody the vision, hope and promise of the type of society we hope our students will one day help build and sustain.

During the summer of 2021, a campus-wide working group will be formed to begin work on institutionalizing undocumented-student advocacy programs and resources at UW Tacoma. To offer ongoing navigation support and advocacy for undocumented students, the work of this group will be organized around the following priority areas: campus support and advocacy; legal support; and financial/administrative support. The plan developed by this working group will be shared with the campus community during the beginning of the fall quarter.

We also want to make sure that our campus community is aware of currently existing resources and services for undocumented students which are available through a number of student service units in Student Affairs, Equity & Inclusion, and Academic Affairs. Staff and faculty who work in these divisions have prepared a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help undocumented students access critical information and resources at UW Tacoma.

We have much work to do, and a lot still remains uncertain as it relates to the future of U.S. immigration policy, but what is clear and unwavering is UW Tacoma’s commitment and support for our undocumented students and the communities to which they belong.

James McShay
Assistant Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion

Mentha Hynes-Wilson
Vice Chancellor for Student and Enrollment Services