Assessment of UWP

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Assessment of UWP

Assessment of UWP

Program assessment of the various parts of the UWP is vital in order to understand what students are learning, how they are learning what they are, and how to respond to changes in students, in curricula, in university guidelines, and other social and political trends in the communities the university serves. Most importantly, the UWP sees its own program assessment as research that helps 

  • the program understand the conditions it and the university creates
  • teachers teach more responsively
  • students learn more critically

Thus the UWP is always involved in several research projects, conducted by FYW or W course teachers or the director. To see how the findings of current and past research projects have been disseminated, go to our UWP Research, and Publications page. 

Program Assessment

At all levels the UWP must be assessed for its effectiveness as well as understanding what students are doing in their reading and writing practices. Program assessment is conducted on a small-project basis, led and managed by the UWP Director, supported by the program, and conducted by teachers and the director. 

Each year, the UWP will gather the following data on student writing in order to conduct program assessment projects: 

  • Sampling of final portfolios (direct evidence of learning) in FYW courses (read in the summers)
  • Sampling of culminating writing assignments or portfolios in W courses (read in the summers)
  • End of quarter surveys in FYW courses and W courses
  • Failure rates and data on all students of fail FYW courses
  • Grade distributions of all FYW courses and W courses 
  • Sampling of Syllabi and writing assignment materials from FYW and W courses