First Year Writing (FYW)

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About First Year Writing

About First Year Writing (FYW)

The First-Year writing experience at UW Tacoma offers students experiences writing in multiple genres, for various purposes, and to a variety of audiences. Every course is guided by the UWP's philosophy. Additionally, all First-Year writing courses (i.e. TCORE 101, TWRT 120, are TWRT 121) are carefully designed to meet the First-Year writing program goals. To help with this consistency across sections and various teachers of the same course, all courses incorporate a set of common elements (lessons) and use the same writing handbook. While each section may have a different theme and set of readings, all sections are designed to meet the same curricular goals, use similar lessons, and work from the same writing handbook. 

Because we wish all our students to have as much control of their education as possible, and we want to encourage continual reflection on one's writing abilities and goals, all First-Year writing courses are selected by students after they've gone through a short Directed Self-Placement process in the writing center. This part of the site also offers a few resources for students and writing teachers. Check back often.