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Listed below are a number of pedagogical articles, websites and links, best practices and activities, syllabus templates, and other materials the UWP believe are quite helpful in the teaching of writing and the design of writing classes. Next to each entry is a brief explanation of  to help teachers determine which materials are most helpful to them and their class.

This is a wonderful online resource that presents users with a compilation of useful formal and informal writing assignments, activities, and ideas with links to academic readings associated with that form of writing. These entries have been collected by Young for over 20 years in an attempt to help faculty who want to incorporate writing into their classrooms to do so with guidance and less burden. 
This site is simply the best to find journals, books, biographies, news, information, and many other resources related to writing across the curriculum. 
A comprehensive site that offers both teachers and students writing resources, from grammar exercises and lessons, to scholarly articles and references, to style guides, to lessons for teachers to use in classrooms.
Writing Spaces is an open textbook for teachers to freely use, download, and distribute in class. Many of the FYW teachers use selected essays from this resource as a part of the common course elements. Many of the essays on this site focus on college writing and the writing process.