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Response to Inaccurate Reports About the UW Tacoma Writing Center
The representations of the UW Tacoma Writing Center and its anti-racism statement being made by national issues-oriented blogs are completely inaccurate.


Putting Writing at the Center of Inclusivity
The UW Tacoma Writing Center's new antiracism and social justice statement aims to confront practices that are systemic throughout academia.

Welcome to UW Tacoma’s University Writing Program (UWP) web site. Here, you will find our vision, mission, measures of success, and philosophy regarding teaching and learning literacy(ies), as well as other helpful programmatic materials regarding First-Year and Upper Division (W) writing courses. While the information and links here are valuable for all, some pages contain more useful information for students and others for teachers. We have tried to group these pages together for easier accessibility. 

The University Writing Program at UW Tacoma strives to create safe and brave spaces for all who need them, in our classrooms, offices, meeting rooms, and other places we commune, teach, and learn. The program is committed not just to a safer more inclusive learning environment, but a braver, more compassionate world. We encourage brave dialogues and actions around the social justice issues that touch all of us.

For students, there are pages designed to help navigate first-year placement options (DSP); explore course syllabi; view learning goals and outcomes for courses; obtain sample reading and writing materials; seek student help services; and remain up to date with UWP events.  

For teachers, there are informational pages on Directed Self Placement (DSP); First-Year and Upper Division (W) courses, goals, outcomes, and common course elements; workshops and symposiums; career development opportunities; sample teaching materials; university writing research; Writing Advisory Committee (WAC) minutes, meeting dates, and members; and upcoming UWP events. 

We invite you to spend some time on this site, exploring and better acquainting yourself with UW Tacoma’s University Writing Program. 

Looking for lectures, workshops, and other UWP-related events to participate in? See our full calendar of events on our Events Page!