Vision, Mission, and Measures of Success

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Vision, Mission, and Measures of Success


The University Writing Program (UWP) at UWT strives to support diverse and effective ways to critically teach writing and communication, and to encourage a culture of critical writing among students and faculty that understands literacies and their learning as inherently political practices, recognizing that among a diverse population of students and faculty language can be practiced and valued in many ways. 


The mission of the UWP is to administer and support reading and writing instruction and learning on campus, particularly to the first-year writing experience and W-courses, in order to develop critical readers and writers in teachers and students. 

Measures of Success

In order for the UWP to learn from students about their literacies and writing competencies that they bring to the university and apply them to future classrooms, learning, and communicative practices, the success of the UWP is measured by both quantitative and qualitative assessments of writing and teaching practices, with an emphasis on qualitative approaches, and a high level of engagement by faculty in on-going teacher training activities.