2019 Urban Studies Forum: Learning from other Cities

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Livestream from the event

“Learning From Other Cities,” the theme for the 2019 Urban Studies Forum, is a chance to take best practice used elsewhere and create our own local adaptations.

This year's Forum includes leadership, planners and researchers from four cities:

  • Bristol, U.K. (inclusive governance)
  • Leeds, U.K. (child-centered city)
  • New York, NY (coalition building and community development)

All presentations will focus on the role of inclusivity and coalition building in shaping policy, planning, and governance environments that advance urban conditions and create a more participatory decision-making process.

Keynote speaker Dr. Michael J. Rich will present "Collaborative Governance and Urban Revitalization: City Strategies for Reducing Poverty and Inequality."

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For information on last year's forum and lecture series please visit: http://www.tacoma.uw.edu/urban-studies-forum/2018-forum